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2019: Volume 7, Issue 1

Short Communication:  RRJZS
Prevention and Correction of Immunodeficiency States of Animals, Chemical Etiology
Salimov Yu* and Toshmuratov EА
Short Communication:  RRJZS
Prevention of Negative Impact of Pesticides and other Toxic Substances on Reproductive Function of Animals
Salimov Yu and Nurullaev AA
Research Article:  RRJZS
Ecology and Use of Iguanas Ctenosaura pectinata (Sauria: Iguanidae) in Two Rural Communities in Morelos, Mexico
Bustos-Zagal MG, Guzmán-Ramírez R, Castro-Franco R, García-Flores A and Trujillo-Jiménez P
Research Article:  RRJZS
Prediction of Productivity Traits of Growing-Finishing Pigs in Varying Ambient Temperature
Hong-Seok Mun, Dhanushka Rathnayake , Muhammad Ammar Dilawar, Myeong-gil Jeong and Chulju Yang