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Special Issues

Missing link in corona virus jump from bats to humans

Journal of Zoological science is bringing a special issue on the topic Missing link in corona virus jump from bats to humans.

The current COVID-19 Pandemic underscores how unprepared we humans are in fighting zoonotic diseases: pathogens that originate in wildlife and jump to humans. The inevitable interaction between humans and livestock with wildlife exposes the human species to the risk of spillover of potential pathogens. For many zoonotic diseases or zoonoses, livestock serve as an epidemiological bridge between wildlife and human infections. The drivers of zoonotic disease are emergence of changes in environment. For instance, bat-associated viruses emerged due to loss of habitat.

The united Nations Environment programme calls for strong stewardship of nature biodiversity. Additionally, developing sharper, reliable early warning systems for diseases.

So, the purpose of our Journal ‘Journal of Zoological sciences ‘is to spread the knowledge of COVID 19 through contributions made by Authors in this special issue.

With this we welcome submissions both solicited and unsolicited manuscripts by the authors.

  • Dr. Venkaiah Y

    Dept. of Zoology Kakatiya University Warangal-506009 T.S, India

We would like to invite you to contribute a review or a full research paper for publication in the Special Issue of Animal Evolution. These special issue articles will be fully Open Access.