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Articles in press and Articles in process

Editorial:  RRJZS
Methodological Study and Knowledge on Birds
Hanu Ivar*
Research Article:  RRJZS
Diel and Tide Variation of Fish Speciesi Kakum River Estuary in the Central Region,Ghana
Kezia Baidoo*, Seth Mensah Abobi, Noble Asare, Eric Krampah, Christian Ayisis
Review Article:  Res Rev J Zool Sci
Spirulina a Blue Green Algae as Growth Enhancer in Fishes
Hafsa Javeed
Research Article:  Res Rev J Zool Sci
Significance of the Balochistan (Wildlife Protection, Preservation, Conservation, and its Management) Act, 2014
Ahmad Zamirr, Arz Muhammad Umrani, Muhammad Sajawal
Editorial:  Res Rev J Zool Sci
Elastic Mechanism in Animals
Mart Anthony
Editorial:  Res Rev J Zool Sci
Palaeontology History and its Branches
Hanu Ivar
Opinion Article:  j zoo sci
Marine biology: Habitats and its Distribution factors
Masud Larseh*
Perspective Article:  j zoo sci
Ophidiomyces Ophiodiicola : Snake fungal disease and its Characteristics
Richard Simon
Short Communication:  j zoo sci
Locomotion of Animals in Different Media
Kristhiana Sorn*
Perspective Article:  J Zool Sci
Aquaculture and Sustainability: Balancing Production and Environmental Impact
Subhash Hu*
Opinion Article:  J Zool Sci
Birds and Biodiversity: The Vital Role of Birds in Ecosystem Function
Emily Cooper
Opinion Article:  J Zool Sci
The use of Molecular Techniques in Nematode Identification and Classification
Hyuang Shin Lin
Commentary:  J Zool Sci
Insects, Algae and Plants: Enhanced Poultry Health and Productivity
Jane Jun Wook
Short Communication:  J Zool Sci
Ocean Acidification and Fisheries: Challenges and Strategies
Lucy Frost
Perspective Article:  J Zool Sci
Protozoology: Implications for Evolution, Ecology, and Human
Justine Butler
Perspective Article:  RRJZS
Dengue Outbreak 2013-2014 in District Swat of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan and Detection of Dengue Virus in Suspected Patients
Nadia Sharif*, Farhad Ali, Fawad Ali
Research Article:  RR J Zoo Sci
A Preliminary Checklist of Birds in Azmat Abad Village Thanna Mandi District Rajouri of Jammu and Kashmir
Sajid Ali Khoker, PragyaShrivastava