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Chauhan SP

Chauhan SP
Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Dharmsinh Desai University

Dr Sanjaykumar P. Chauhan is an Associate Professor at Dept. of Pharmaceutical

Chemistry. He has more than 09 years of academic and research experience, has file

one patent and  published two books  and more than 20 research & review papers in

international and national journals and has presented more than 30 research papers at

various international and national conferences as author and coauthor. Dr Chauhan has

explored the ethanopharmacological properties of Opuntia elatior Mill fruit, prickly pear,

as heamatinic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and bronchodilatory actions using in vivo

animal models. He is continuing his research work to envisage the clinical properties of

the prickly pear in human. Dr Chauhan has guided 25 B. Pharm and 06 M. Pharm

students for dissertation work and 03 students are currently pursuing their M. Pharm

under his guidance.

Research Interest

Pharmaceutical Analysis,Pharmaceutical Chemistry