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Maryam Kargar Razi

Department of Chemistry
Azad University Tehran North Branch


Maryam Kargar Razi has been a faculty member of the university for 16 years. Her field of study is industrial and mineral chemistry. She received her PhD in Tehran and my Post-Doc in Germany. Presently, she is the concessionaire, the director and the editor of a general information journal called Kavoshgar and also of another scientific journal called Glass Science and Technology. Previously she was in charge of the Electroplating Industry and the Serat Journals of the university. Therefore it is about 14 years that she has been active in publications.  she is the head of the Iranian Industrial Waste and Mineral Research Center which happens to be the first industrial unit in the country too. She has so far completed the writing of 14 ISI articles, attended more than 20 international conferences, written more than 40 scholarly works in promotional, scientific and industrial journals, and have also authored books on mining industries. She has registered 13 national inventions and carried out18 projects. She has been granted the WIPO gold medal for the best inventor as well as different medals, inscriptions and honors in the field of industry.

She was Awarded as the Best Inventor in 2007, she was born on September 19, 1970. Her inventions include “removal of poisonous chemical ions from waste water through natural zeolite”. Maryam Kargar Razi (Ph.D) is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Chemistry at Azad university in Tehran North branch. Here, we have done an interview with her about her success.

Research Interest

Material Sciences, Chemical Process, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Technology  and Nanomaterials.