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R Hari Krishna

Department of Chemistry
M. S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology


Dr. R. Hari Krishna, currently an Assistant Professor (Chemistry) in M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore. My supervisor Dr. Nagabhushana and my external advisor Dr. Tiju Thomas played the most important roles during my doctorate. I consider my own doctoral journey a very successful one : I have published 15 papers in international high impact journals, and have also found very apt and appropriately-timed placement. Each time I wrote a research article, I would have extensive discussions with Dr. Thomas. He always offered helpful and critical comments, and would vet our working hypothesis very thoroughly. We would develop the thesis of the paper together, and would always ensure timely submission of the work. I must also add that Dr. Thomas has always been a very encouraging presence during my academic career. His well meaning words helped me find hope and motivation during several junctures of my doctorate. I am lucky to get Dr. Thomas as my external research supervisor. I wish to continue my research relation with Dr. Thomas, and sincerely hope to make substantial contributions to the field of luminescent materials through my scientific career.


Research Interest

Materials Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Material Sciences, Chemical Process and  Nano Materials Synthesis.