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Hava Mushayev

 Professor and Research in an Innovative Approach to Dental Implantation in Medically Compromised Patients. Narrow Implants


Hava Mushayev is affiliated to University of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, DMI Technology Group, Israel. Currently he is working as a professor in the department of Oral and Maxillofacial. Hava Mushayev is a recipient of many awards and grants for the valuable contributions and discoveries in major area of research. Hava Mushayev research interests lie in endodontic, oral maxilla facial surgery.

Research Interest

 Dental, Implants, Narrow, Illness, Chronic Disease,  Mucositis ,  Implant rejection, Soft tissues complication, prolonging the lifetime of the implant and the rehabilitation installed on the implant and to minimize bone absorption around the implants