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Ilia Mushayev

 Professor at Dentistry,Worked at Smile Me Dental Aesthetics


 Ilia Mushayev is affiliated to University of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, DMI Technology Group, Israel. Currently he is working as a professor in the department of Oral and Maxillofacial. Ilia Mushayev is a recipient of many awards and grants for the valuable contributions and discoveries in major area of research. Ilia Mushayev research interests lie in endodontic, oral maxilla facial surgery.

Research Interest

Dental caries, Lactobacilli, Saliva, Salivary pH, Streptococcus mutans, MSKB media, Removal of teeth, implantation, installation of abutment on implants and prosthetics zirkony crowns on the upper and lower jaw in 2 weeks,