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Ali Gharib

Ali Gharib

Ali Gharib
Organic chemistry Department
Agricultural Research&Service Center
Mashhad-Iran and Islamic Azad University



Ali Gharib was born in 1974, in Mashhad, IRAN. He gained his B.Sc. in pure chemistry and M.Sc. from Islamic Azad University and graduated with a first class honour degree in Ph.D in Organic chemistry, too. His research interests include of the synthesis of Organic chemistry and Heterocyclic compounds by Heteropolyacids (HPAs) catalysts.


Research Interest

synthesis of the organic compounds, heterocyclic and drugs by Heteropoly acids (HPAs) Green catalysts,and heterocyclic and organic synthesis.this catalysts are very wide and strong in polymerization,organic synthesis ,because HPAs catalysts have special properties, strong, solid acids, oxidation&reduction, non corrosive and etc