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Ashok Kumar Verma

Ashok Kumar Verma

Ashok Kumar Verma
Assistant Professor of Zoology
Uttar Pradesh-211002



Ashok Kumar Verma is an Assistant Professor of Zoology and he is gold medallist. He published totally thirteen articles of which eight are published in International Journal. He is Editor-in-Chief for International Journal of Zoology Studies (ISSN: 2348-5914) and Editorial board member for International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, Studies and Developments (ISSN: 2455-2313). He attended many International/National seminars/conferences/Workshops. He is a member of International Association of Neurosciences, The International Society of Zoological Sciences, International Scientist Unique Researcher’s Yare Association, International Society for Environmental Information Sciences, Applied Zoologists Research Association, Zoological Society of India, National Journal of Life Sciences etc.,


Research Interest

Ichthyology, Taxonomy, Environmental Science & Population Genetics