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Azamal Husen

Azamal Husen

Azamal Husen
Associate Professor
Department of Biology
University of Gondar Ethiopia



Dr. Azamal Husen  is working as an Associate Professor at Department of Biology, University of Gondar, Gondar, Ethiopia (Under UNDP Project, the Ministry of Education, Ethiopia). He was also a Visiting Faculty of the Forest Research Institute, and the Doon College of Agriculture Science and Technology at Dehra Dun, India.


Research Interest

Biochemical/physiological strategies adaptation by plant species for their sustenance under abiotic stress, Nanoparticles fabrication from plants/microbes and their applications in cutting-edge areas, Nanoparticles transportation/accumulation/growth response/stress modulation in plant system, Clonal propagation (influence of physiological and chemical factors).