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Dr Farideh A Javid

Dr Farideh A Javid

Dr. Farideh A Javid
Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology
Department of Pharmacy
University of Huddersfield



Dr Farideh Javid is a Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology at the Department of Pharmacy, University of Huddersfield, UK. She developed the Pharmacology modules for the MPharm course at the University of Huddersfield for years 1, 2 and 3 and her on-going research programmes focus on identifying and investigating the mechanism of actions of novel drugs in cancer Pharmacology. Her ultimate aim is to develop novel drugs for cancer patients. She holds several patents as a result of her collaboration with industry.


Research Interest

Cancer Pharmacology
Gastrointestinal motility
Identifying novel therapeutics with anti-cancer/anti-inflammatory activity Pharmacology of cannabinoids and Herbal Medicine.