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Jayaprakash Kar

Jayaprakash Kar

Jayaprakash Kar
King Abdulaziz University
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia



Jayaprakash Kar has received his M.Sc and M.Phil in Mathematics from Sambalpur University, M.Tech and Ph.D in Computer Science (Cryptographic Protocols) from Utkal University, India. Currently he is working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Systems, Faculty of Computing and Information Technology. He is actively associated with Information Security Research Group, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia. His current research interests is on development and design of provably secure cryptographic protocols and primitives using Elliptic Curve and Pairing based Cryptography includes digital signature, Signcryption Scheme, Key management problem of broadcast encryption, Deniable authentication protocols, Proxy Blind Signature scheme. He has 01 monograph, 04 book chapters and more than 30 Journal papers and Conference articles to his credit. Dr. Kar is member of advisory and editorial board of many peer reviewed Journals. He is life member of International Association for Cryptology Research (IACR), Cryptology Research Society of India, International Association of Computer Science & Information Technology (Singapore) and International Association of Engineers (United Sates).


Research Interest

1. Designing new, provably secure cryptographic primitives and protocols.

2. Develop a model to understand the emerging concept of energy security of smart phones. 

3. Develop low cost methodologies and techniques to achieve energy security of smart phones;
4. Validate the methodologies and techniques by means of analysis, simulations, and implementations.
5. Improving the security and/or efficiency of cryptographic applications.
6. Formalizing and analyzing common cryptographic practices