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Preeti Nigam Joshi

Preeti Nigam Joshi

Preeti Nigam Joshi
Combiochem Bioresource Centre
National Chemical Laboratory



Preeti Nigam Joshi is currently working as Inspire faculty at National Chemical Laboratory Pune from 2012. After completing her B.E, she received her Ph.D. in Biochemical Engineering from IIT BHU in 2011. Dr. Joshi has been doing impressive interdisciplinary work involving Biochemistry, Nanotechnology and Bio-medical Engineering to tackle problems in field of early cancer diagnosis and therapy.

Her major work includes development of nanotheranostic systems for cancer therapy and imaging and designing of on chip biosensors for early detection of cancers. She has a strong inclination to pursue problems which are important in Indian context and has been actively working on 'Lab to Market' approach towards research and want to contribute to achieve the goal of affordable healthcare to all Indians. Dr Joshi has published several high quality research papers in journals of high repute and few patents are also in progress.


Research Interest

Nanomedicine: Designing of nanovectors and their functionalization for targeted delivery of anticancer drugs

Green Synthesis of nanoparticles
Nano based Photodynamic therapy of cancer
Electrochemical on-chip biosensors for cancer and environmental pollutants detection
MEMS and Microfluidics.