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Prof. Peter Seville

Prof. Peter Seville

Prof. Peter Seville
Head of School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences
Professor of Pharmaceutical sciences
School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences
University of Central Lancashire



Professor Peter Seville graduated with a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from the Welsh School of Pharmacy, Cardiff, following which he undertook his pre-registration pharmacist placement at St Peter’s Hospital, Surrey. He then spent some time as a basic grade pharmacist at the Royal Free Hospital, London, before returning to Cardiff University to commence a PhD investigating the development of solution pressurised metered dose inhaler systems. Following a brief spell as a community pharmacy manager in Caerphilly, he returned once more to Cardiff to a postdoctoral research position investigating pulmonary delivery of non-viral gene therapies.

Peter joined Aston University, Birmingham as a Lecturer, subsequently Senior Lecturer, in Pharmaceutics in 2002. He led the Inhalation Technology Research Team, published several original research papers and has a patent in the area of pulmonary drug delivery. Peter also served as a member of the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences Inhalation Focus Group steering committee, and co-organised a number of symposia and conferences in the area of inhalation science.

Following a few years pursuing personal interests, Peter returned to academia, joining the University of Birmingham as Deputy Head of Pharmacy, developing a new integrated MPharm degree. Recently, Peter has been appointed Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Head of the School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences at the University of Central Lancashire.

Peter has a long history of research in the development of inhalable formulations, and in particular expertise in the use of spray-drying technology to generate powders with enhanced aerosolisation properties.


Research Interest

Prof. Peter Seville's research interests are in the field of drug delivery, focusing on delivering drugs to the lung. He also has particular interests in healthcare law and ethics, veterinary pharmacy and healthcare education.