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Saad Sabbar Dahham

Saad Sabbar Dahham

Saad Sabbar Dahham
Research officer in EMAN Research and Testing Laboratory,
School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Universiti Sains Malaysia



The biology of cancer is the main field of research that fascinated Dr. Saad Sabbar Dahham. He is interested in targeting tumors by inhibiting angiogenesis and understanding other mechanisms that are at play which can influence angiogenesis. In the last few years, he started his research on natural product and their roles against cancer cells. With the wide experience in the biological sciences, he published many articles in Scopus and ISI journals and presented abstracts in many worldwide conferences. A part of angiogenesis interest, he recently won the gold award in the International Conference and Exposition on Inventions by Institutions of Higher Learning (PECIPTA 2015) for invented Mu-DermTM (A natural angiogenic product for wound healing).


Research Interest

Microbiology and Immunology