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Reports in Cancer and Treatment : Citations & Metrics Report
image Smart traceability for food safety
image   wide-scope screening for pharmaceutically active substances in a leafy vegetable cultivated under biogas slurry irrigation
image   selected food colourants with antiplatelet activity as promising compounds for the prophylaxis and treatment of thrombosis
image   distribution of enterobacteria in ready-to-eat food in cafeterias and retail food outlets in benin city: public health implications
image   surface-enhanced raman spectroscopy for identification of food processing bacteria
image   raman molecular fingerprints of rice nutritional quality and the concept of raman barcode
image   food safety knowledge, attitude, and practice among elementary schoolchildren in southern taiwan
image   characterization and phylodiversity of implicated enteric bacteria strains in retailed tomato (lycopersicon esculentum mill.) fruits in southwest nigeria
image   high-pressure treatments for better quality clean-label juices and beverages: overview and advances
image   ethical, legal and social implications of genetically modified organism in the shadow of advanced genetic tools
image   lili: liquor quality monitoring based on light signals
image   an integrated framework for the measurement of halal good manufacturing practices on the case of smes in the food sector
image   evidence of food safety in relation to cry proteins in genetically modified foods
image   effects of food safety education on knowledge, attitude, and practice of schoolchildren in southern taiwan: a propensity score-matched observational study
image   review of artificial intelligence applicability of various diagnostic modalities, their advantages, limitations, and overcoming the challenges in breast imaging
image   determination of sulfur dioxide in food by liquid chromatography with pre-column derivatization
image  real and pЕrceived risk (food additives)
image  real and pЕrceived risk (food additives)
image   development of bioactive polymeric materials by incorporation of essential/vegetal oils into biopolymer matrices
image   development of nutritional studies in china
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