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Sachin Thakkar

Sachin Thakkar

Sachin Thakkar

Gradute Research Assistant

The University of Texas at Austin




Mr. Sachin Thakkar is currently a final year graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin, Texas, USA. He is currently working on a novel freezing technology to prepare dry powder vaccines using aluminum salt as an adjuvant, to overcome its long lasting problem of aggregating upon freezing. He is also working on the mucosal delivery these powder vaccines to enable needle free immunization. Additionally, he is also working on understanding the mechanisms of the better adjuvant activity of the aluminum nanoparticles, and microneedle based transdermal nanoparticulate vaccine delivery systems. His research article was chosen as a cover story by the Journal of Controlled Release. He is also recipient of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Graduate Student Research Award in Biotechnology, and American Association of Indian Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAiPS) Graduate Student Research Award 2016.


Research Interest

Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences