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Satya Narayan Jena

Satya Narayan Jena

Satya Narayan Jena
National Botanical Research Institute



I joined Dr. A.B. Das’s Cytogenetics laboratory at Regional Plant Resource Centre, Bhubaneswar, and Orissa for my PhD degree and I took up research problem on chromosomal characteristics, genome size and DNA markers of Indian mangroves and their associates. I reported many chromosomal counts of different mangroves for the first time and some reports with modifications against the earlier report. Besides, I carried out molecular phylogeny analysis with various DNA markers in Indian Minor mangroves and their associates as these plants are more diverse living in both salt as well as sweet water. I published six papers on chromosomal count and their karyotypic study (please see publication list). Then I jointed DARL, Pithorgarg and worked three months for inducing polyploidy of desert plants for for camouflaging. Subsequently, I also worked in NRCMAP, Anand on piper chromosomes.


Research Interest

Molecular genetics like genetic mapping, QTL analysis, Comparative genomics, phylogeny and evolution, population genetics and diversity analysis.