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Sri Harsha Tella

Sri Harsha Tella

Sri Harsha Tella
Clinical and research fellow 
National Institutes of Health (NIH)



Dr. Tella is currently a clinical and research fellow at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), USA studying about the natural history about rare and common bone disorders. Dr. Tella is a lead associate investigator and associate investigator on protocols that evaluate the treatment options for tumor-induced osteomalacia and that evaluate the natural history of bone and mineral metabolism disorders. Dr. Tella was awarded shire award and outstanding abstract awards for his bone and mineral metabolism abstracts to Endo society meetings. Actively involved in writing original and research articles while focusing on compassionate patient care.


Research Interest

Neuro-Endocrine tumors and rare Endocrine malignancies, Bone and mineral metabolism, osteoporosis and rare bone disorders, Thyroid disorders and malignancies, General Endocrinology, Graduate Medical Education (Resident and Fellow education).