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Vicky Anqin Dong

Vicky Anqin Dong

Vicky Anqin Dong
Occupational Therapist
Department of Rehabilitation
Guangdong Work Injury Rehabilitation Hospital



Dr. Dong obtained the First Class Honors of Bachelor Degree in Occupational Therapy and PhD degree from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Her research interest is in the area of neurological rehabilitation, especially of people with stroke and cerebral palsy. Dr. Dong has worked as a qualified Occupational Therapist in the Department of Rehabilitation in Guangdong Work Injury Rehabilitation Hospital for more than ten years. She has adequate experience in neurological rehabilitation, burn injury, hand therapy, and pediatric disease rehabilitation. Dr. Dong studies motor planning and functional performance problems in people with hemiplegic cerebral palsy and stroke. She developed an innovative task-specific intensive bimanual arm training programme – Remind to treatment, to enhance the motor efficiency and function performance for the school-aged children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy. She has also indicated that the child-friendly age-appropriate approach is one of the successful elements in improving arm functions for a child with cerebral palsy. Her ongoing research projects include the long-term effect of intensive task-specific bimanual arm training programme in people with hemiplegia and the neurological mechanisms underlying the positive effects of sensory cueing treatment in people with stroke. She also is interested in developing the precision rehabilitation programme for people with hemiplegia in community.


Research Interest

Neurorehabilitation and neural plasticity
Digital precision rehabilitation for clients with stroke or hemiplegic cerebral palsy
Motion analysis of motor performance in upper extremity