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Dr Doorthy Saville

Dr Doorthy Saville

Dorothy Saville
Department of clinical pharmacy
Newzeland's National School of pharmacy
New zealand



Clinical Professor, School of pharmacy, Otogo University. In order to improve oral bioavailability of drugs with poor aqueous solubility, an amorphous form or a metastable polymorph may be used. These forms, however, have a risk of either crystallising (amorphous) or changing to a more stable polymorph with loss of oral bioavailability. Research focuses on factors influencing the stability of the amorphous form or the metastable polymorphic form. Current projects in this area include: the stability of amorphous drug upon milling the formulation of amorphous suspensions


Research Interest

Solid state pharmaceutics,
Formulation and drug delivery Pharmacokinetics,
and drug metabolism