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Eshwaran Narayananari

Eshwaran Narayananari

Eshwaran Narayanan
R&D Scientist,Insys Development Company, Inc.
Master of Science,Chemical Engineering
Arizona State University



Eshwaran received his Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Arizona State University, USA in 2015. His Master’s research focused on colorimetric plasmonic nanosensors for the detection of therapeutic levels of ionizing radiation. He has several publications in highly reputed journals such as ACS Nano and ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. He is also a reviewer for many journals including International Journal of Innovative Research in Science Engineering and Technology, International journal of Pharmaceutics and Journal of Applied Pharmacy. Additionally, he is a member of the AIChE and IChemE, UK. At present, Eshwaran works at Insys Development Company, Inc., a specialty pharmaceutical company with a focus on providing therapeutic solutions to improve the lives of patients.


Research Interest

Nanotechnology, Nanomedicine, Synergistic Cancer Treatments, Formulation Development, Design and development of Novel Drug Delivery Systems.