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Endoscopic Gastrostomy

Enteral tube feeding by body covering scrutiny surgery tube (PEG) is getting used in patients with advanced insanity, disorder secondary to contractile organ diseases, infirmity from cancer, and any patient WHO is unable to eat for prolonged amount. so most of the patients undergoing PEG have background severe sickness, with several in danger for channel (GI) hemorrhage. PEG tube placement is related to major and minor complications outlined by established criteria with rates starting from four-dimensional to twenty three.8% of cases . most typical square measure minor complications like obstruction, cellulitis,stomal outpouring, buried bumper syndrome, peptic ulceration, fistulous tracts or unintended removal however regarding four-dimensional have major complications like aspiration, hemorrhage, peritoneal inflammation, necrotizing fasciitis, growth implantation and death. throughout PEG placement acute haemorrhage happens in or so 1 Chronicles of cases in patients WHO square measure on medical aid or have anatomic variations. it's common apply to watch stool for GI blood loss by the faecal occult check|biopsy} (FOBT) whether or not during a screening setting for large intestine willcer or within the clinical workup of anemia whether or not the location of PEG tube can acutely or inveterately end in a positive hemoccult test leading to scrutiny to determine a GI supply of haemorrhage, is unknown. With this in mind, we tend to retrospectively evaluated result of PEG tube placement on FOBT result.

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