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Carbon Nanotubes can orchestrate the immunological response?

Although several infections are challenging to treat, advances in nanobiotechnology allowed the utilization of nanotechnology,for example, nanovaccines. Nanotechnology vaccines are powerful in enhancing the immunogenicity over a precise antigen, presenting advantages over other adjuvant approaches, such as expanded stability, prolonged release, decreased immunotoxicity, and immunogenic selectivity.Objective: In this review, we introduce recent advances in carbon nanotubes (CNTs)usedinnanovaccines inordertoinduceeitheracarriereffectoranimmunostimulatoryeffect.Results:CNTs have the potential to model the immune system, providing, between another properties, their adjuvant effects, besides having an excellent carrier effect. Several studies concerning CNT-based nanotechnology vaccines revealthat the immunogenicity relatedto thevaccineantigenis increased,dueto theimmunomodulatory andcarriereffects relatedtoCNTs. Also,dueto the CNTspropertiesofbeingabletocarryimmunogenicmolecules,theycanactlikenon-classicalvaccines,whichaimtohaveboth a molecule-carrier effect and an immunogenic effect, a quality not found in vaccines with traditional formulations. Adapting and modifying the physicochemical properties regarding CNTs for usage in vaccines may additionally enlarge their efficacy in inducing a T cell-based immune response, fundamental in imitation of the battle against several infections in immunotherapeutic process.

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Elidamar Nunes

Carbon Nanotubes can orchestrate