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Checklist of the Aquatic Beetles (Coleoptera) of Manipur

Bhubaneshwari Devi M*, Sandhyarani Devi O and Leiphon Wahengbam

Laboratory of Entomology, Department of Zoology, DM College of Science, Imphal, Manipur, India

*Corresponding Author:
Bhubaneshwari Devi M
Laboratory of Entomology, Department of Zoology, DM College of Science, Imphal, Manipur, India.
Tel: 9856806660.

Received date: 03/05/2017 Accepted date: 17/05/2017 Published date: 19/05/2017

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The aquatic beetle’s fauna of Manipur has never been studied from the last decade despite of State Fauna Series 10, Fauna of Manipur (Part-2) Insects published by Zoological Survey of India in 2004. In the present study, we provide an updated checklist of aquatic and semi aquatic coleopteran from Manipur based on the study of aquatic beetles diversity of Manipur (2012 to till date) and data from previous literatures were used to compile a checklist of the Manipur. The checklist includes data on the type localities, type specimens, descriptors, distributions and previous literature for 15 families of aquatic and semi aquatic coleopteran belonging to 49 genus and 100 valid species. From all this families, family Dytiscidae is the most abundant and diverse than the remaining. In the family Dytiscidae 45 species are recorded followed by 35 species of Hydrophilidae, 4 species of family Noteridae, 2 species each of family Gyrinidae, Hydraneidae, Haliplidae and 1 species each belonging to family, Curculionidae, Chrysomelidae, Dryopidae, Limnichidae, Histeridae, Hydrochidae, Sphericidae, Styphylinidae and Helophoridae respectively. Out of 100 species, 43 species were reported as new records from Manipur as well as 7 species from India


The aquatic beetles of Manipur belong in two sub-orders of order Coleoptera, under 15 families (i) sub order Adephaga and (ii) sub order Polyphaga. Out of these 15 families, 4 families such as Dytiscidae, Haliplidae, Noteridae and Gyrinidae belongs to sub order adephaga and 11 families such as Hydraneidae, Hydrochidae, Hydrophilidae, Histeridae, Staphylinidae, Helophoridae, Limnichidae, Curculionidae, Chrysomelidae, Scirtidae and Dryopidae belong to sub-order Polyphaga. Except Histeridae, Staphylinidae, Limnichidae, Curculionidae, Chrysomelidae, Scirtidae and Dryopidae were semi aquatic and the remaining was aquatic. The catalogues and review work on aquatic beetles of world were published earlier [1-11]. In India, the first pioneer in contribution to the taxonomy of Indian aquatic beetles was [12]. The work on aquatic beetles species from Central India were done by [13-18]. Subsequently total seventy two aquatic beetle species from Madhya Pradesh was reported by [19] and 332 species of diving beetles of India was reported by [20]. However, the aquatic beetle fauna from Manipur state was not known since the State Fauna Series No. 10 (Zoological Survey of India) by [21]. The present study was conducted to prepare a checklist on the aquatic beetles of Manipur. From the family Dytiscidae 45 species were recorded followed by 35 species of Hydrophilidae, 4 species of family Noteridae, 2 species each of family Gyrinidae, Hydraneidae, Haliplidae and 1 species each belonging to family, Curculionidae, Chrysomelidae, Dryopidae, Gyrinidae, Limnichidae, Histeridae, Hydrochidae, Sphericidae, Styphylinidae, and Helophoridae respectively [22]. The present checklist documents 100 species of aquatic and semi aquatic beetles recorded from Manipur. Out of 100 species, 43 species were reported as new record from Manipur as well as 7 species from India. Recently, 8054 species of aquatic beetles were known from the world, 588 species were represented in India and 100 species from Manipur. In India, among freshwater Coleoptera, there are certain zoo geographically interesting groups e.g., out of five species of Amphizoidae known from the world; one species is recorded from Kashmir in India. Family Psephenidae is known from North America and Tibet. In recent surveys specimens have been collected from torrential rivers and streams of Arunachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.

A check list of the species recorded from India and adjoining areas was published by (14). Hydrophilidae is the dominant family and other four smaller families namely Hydraenidae, Hydrochidae and Sperchidae were often treated as subfamilies of Hydrophilidae. However in our finding family dytiscidae is the most diverse and abundant followed by Hydrophilidae.

Materials and Methods

The aquatic beetles study was carried out from 1st February 2012 up to 2017 March during the survey work of the major research project in different regions of 9 districts of Manipur, 4 in the valley and 5 in the hills. The aquatic beetles were collected using D-Frame net, Pond net, Kicking net as well as triangular dip net and circular net with a mesh size of 0.5 mm and dragged around the vegetation for one minute and such three drags constituted a sample. The number of individual was noted down. The large sized insects were captured using bottle traps in horizontal position and also vertical position. After two days the bottle traps were removed and trapped insects were preserved in 70% alcohol and brought back to the laboratory of Entomology, PG Department of Zoology, DM College of Science, Imphal. And identified with the help of standard identification manuals and published literature. A number of identified insects were confirmed in the division of Entomology, IARI, Pusa New Delhi. Male genitalia were removed from specimens that were first relaxed in lightly boiling water for 10 minute. An insect pin with a bent apex was inserted into the abdominal cavity to hook the base of the genital capsule. The entire capsule was then removed from the abdomen and placed in alcohol to dissect and examine. Male genitalia were then glued to a point and placed on the pin beneath the specimen.

The present checklist is presented in a taxonomic order; family, genus and species. It is also prepared by referring documents, consulting published books and journals. For every species in the checklist (genera with unidentified species), name of the species, author and sex of the species respectively is given.

Aquatic and Semi-Aquatic Coleoptera of Manipur

Order- Coleoptera Linnaeus, 1758

Suborder- Adhephaga Schellenberg, 1806

Family- Dytiscidae Leach, 1815

Dytiscidae Leach, 1815:84; type genus: Dytiscus

Subfamily Agabinae Thomson, 1867

Agabides Thomson, 1867:84, as subtribe of Dytiscina; type genus: Agabus

Genus Agabus Leach, 1817

Agabus Leach, 1817:69; type species: Agabus paykullii

Agabus sinuaticollis Regimbart, 1899:278

Genus Platambus Thomson, 1859

Platambus Thomson, 1859:14; type species: Dytiscus maculates Linnaeus, 1758:412.

Platambus lindbergi Gueorguiev, 1963:218

Genus Platynectes Regimbart, 1887

Platynectes Regimbart, 1879:454; type species: Agabus decemnotatus

Aube, 1838b:319

Platynectes kashmiranus kashmiranus J. Balfour- Browne, 1944

Platynectes kashmiranus J. Balfour-Browne, 1944:352,

Subfamily Colymbetinae Erichson, 1837

Colymbetini Erichson, 1837:149; type genus: Colymbetes; sDESCR: Miller 2001:81.

Genus Rhantus Dejean, 1833

Rhantus Dejean, 1833:54; type species: Colymbetes pulverosus

Stephens, 1828:69 (Colymbetes suturalis W.S. Macleay, 1825:31).

Rhantus rugulosus Regimbart, 1899

Rhantus rugulosus Regimbart, 1899:310; TL: India; Holotype MNHN; DESCR: Balke 1995:233.

Rhantus taprobanicus Sharp, 1890

Rhantus taprobanicus Sharp, 1890b:346; TL: Sri Lanka: Bogawantalawa, Hadley; Syntypes BMNH; DESCR: Balke 1992:291.

Subfamily Copelatinae Branden, 1885

Copelatinae Branden, 1885:82; type genus: Copelatus

Genus Copelatus Erichson, 1832

Copelatus Erichson, 1832:18; type species: Dytiscus posticatus

Copelatus indicus Sharp, 1882

Copelatus indicus Sharp, 1882:582; TL: India; LT: Vazirani 1970a:312 BMNH; DESCR: Vazirani 1970a:312.

Genus Lacconectus Motschulsky, 1855

Lacconectus Motschulsky, 1855:83; type species: Lacconectus fulvescens Motschulsky, 1855:83. Paralacconectus Vazirani, 1970a:304; type species: Lacconectus scholzi Gschwendtner, 1922a:134.

Lacconectus biswasi Brancucci, 1986

Lacconectus biswasi Brancucci, 1986:121; TL: India: Manipur: Kamluvan; Holotype ZSI.

Lacconectus ritsemae Regimbart, 1883

Lacconectus ritsemae Regimbart, 1883:229; TL: Indonesia: Java; Holotype RMNH; DESCR: Brancucci 1986:115 (as ritsemai). Lacconectus ritsemai Vazirani, 1977a:59

Lacconectus fulvescens Motschulsky, 1855

Lacconectus fulvescens Motschulsky, 1855:83; TL: East India (Indesorientalis); LT: Brancucci 1986:108 ZMUM; DESCR: Brancucci 1986:107.

Subfamily Dytiscinae Leach, 1815

Dyticides Leach, 1815:84; type genus: Dytiscus. Aubehydrinae Guignot, 1942b:11; type genus: Aubehydrus

Genus Rhantaticus Sharp, 1882

Rhantaticus Sharp, 1880: cl; type species: Hydaticus signatipennis Laporte, 1835:95 (Hydaticus congestus Klug, 1833:48).

Rhantaticus congestus Klug, 1832

Hydaticus congestus Klug, 1833:48; TL: Madagascar; LT: Angus 2003:14 ZMHB; DESCR: Guignot 1961:843; N. COMB: Branden 1885:107.

Rhantus spp.

Genus Graphodesus Dejean, 1833

Graphodesus Dejean, 1833, Cat Col coll Dejean 2:54

Graphodesus sp.

Genus Sandracottus Sharp

Sandracottus Sharp, 1882:672; type species: Dytiscus fasciatus Fabricius, 1775:825 (Hydaticus mixtus Blanchard, 1843: pl. 4).

Sandracottus manipurensis Vazirani, 1969

Sandracottus manipurensis Vazirani, 1969b:277; TL: India: Manipur: Phaiphengmun (Phaiphenigaum); Holotype ZSI.

Genus Cybister Curtis, 1827

Cybister Curtis, 1827:151; type species: Dytiscus lateralis Fabricius, 1798:64 (Dytiscus tripunctatus Olivier, 1795:14).

Cybister confusus Sharp, 1882

Cybister confusus Sharp, 1882:739; TL: India, Sri Lanka, China; Syntypes BMNH; DESCR: Vazirani 1969b:295. Dytiscus zeylanicus Gmelin, 1790:1954; TL: Sri Lanka; Syntypes; N. SYN.: Zimmermann 1920:258.

Cybister limbatus, Fabricius, 1775

Dytiscus limbatus Fabricius, 1775:230; TL: China; Syntypes BMNH; DESCR: Vazirani 1969b:294; N. COMB.: Aube 1838b:55. Dytiscus aciculatus Herbst, 1784:123; TL: East Indies (Ostindien) Syntypes; N. SYN: Schonherr 1808:10.

Cybister tripunctatus lateralis Fabricius, 1798

Dytiscus lateralis Fabricius, 1798:64; TL: India: Tamil Nadu Tranquebar; Syntypes ZMUC; DESCR: Zaitzev 1972:357 (as gotschi); N. STAT: Nilsson 2001:90.

Cybister sugillatus Erichson, 1834 Cybister sugillatus Erichson, 1834:227; TL: China; Syntypes ZMHB; DESCR: Vazirani 1969b:281.

Cybister posticus Aube, 1838

Cybister posticus Aube, 1838b:87; TL: East India (Indes orientales); Syntypes; DESCR: Vazirani 1969b:284.

Genus Dytiscus Linnaeus, 1758

Dytiscus Linnaeus, 1758:411; type species: Dytiscus marginalis

Dytiscus sp.

Genus Eretes Laporte, 1833

Eretes Laporte, 1833:397; type species: Dytiscus griseus Fabricius, 1781:293.

Eretes sticticus Linnaeus, 1767

Dytiscus sticticus Linnaeus, 1767:666; TL: Africa: Barbaria; Syntypes BMNH; DESCR: Miller 2002:264; N. COMB.: Sharp 1882:699. Eunectes conicollis Wollaston, 1861a:97; TL: Cabo Verde; LT: Miller 2002:266 BMNH; N. SYN.: Branden 1885:108.

Genus Hydaticus Leach, 1817

Hydaticus Leach, 1817:69; type species: Dytiscus transversalis

Pontoppidan, 1763:677.

Hydaticus bipunctatus bipunctatus Wehncke, 1876

Hydaticus bipunctatus Wehncke, 1876a:196; TL: Philippines; Syntypes; DESCR: Wewalka 1975b:92.

Hydaticus fabricii fabricii W.S. Macleay, 1825

Rhantaticus Sharp, 1880: cl; type species: Hydaticus signatipennis Laporte, 1835:95 (Hydaticus congestus Klug, 1833:48).

Hydaticus vittatus vittatus Fabricius, 1775

Dytiscus vittatus Fabricius, 1775:825; TL: India; LT: Wewalka 1975b:88 HMUG; DESCR: Wewalka 1975b:87; N. COMB.: Leach 1817:72.

Genus Clypeodytes Regimbart, 1894

Clypeodytes Regimbart, 1894:230; type species: Hydroporus cribrosus Schaum, 1864:107.

Clypeodytes severini Regimbart, 1892

Bidessus severini Regimbart, 1892:116; TL: India: Jharkhand (Bihar): Mandar; Syntypes MNHN; DESCR: Vazirani 1969b:325;N. COMB: Regimbart 1899:216.

Genus Hydroglyphus Motschulsky, 1853

Hydroglyphus Motschulsky, 1853:5; type species: Dytiscus geminus Fabricius, 1792:199.

Guignotus Houlbert, 1934:53; type species: Dytiscus geminus Fabricius, 1792:199.

Hydroglyphus flammulatusSharp, 1882

Bidessus flammulatus Sharp, 1882:359; TL: China: Jiangxi: Jiujiang (Kiu Kiang); Syntypes BMNH; DESCR: Vazirani 1969b:314;N. COMB: Bistrom 1988:12.

Hydroglyphus inconstans Regimbart, 1892

Bidessus inconstans Regimbart, 1892:119; TL: India: Bihar: Konbir-Nowatoli, Mandar; Syntypes MNHN; DESCR: Vazirani1969b:322; N. COMB: Bistrom 1988:14.

Genus Leiodytes Guignot, 1936

Leiodytes Guignot, 1936:20; type species: Hydroporus evanescens Boheman, 1848:252.

Leiodytes nicobaricus Redtenbacher, 1867

Hydroporus nicobaricus Redtenbacher, 1867:21; TL: India: Nicobar Islands: Faui; LT: Wewalka 1982:124 NMW; DESCR:Nakane 1993:3; N. COMB.: Biström 1988:27.

Genus Hydrovatus Motschulsky, 1853

Hydrovatus Motschulsky, 1853:4; type species: Hyphydrus cuspidatus Kunze, 1818:68.

Hydrovatus confertus Sharp, 1882

Hydrovatus confertus Sharp, 1882:329; TL: Thailand (Siam); LT: Vazirani 1970b:102 BMNH; DESCR: Bistrom 1997:524.

Hydrovatus bonvouloiri Sharp, 1882

Hydrovatus bonvouloiri Sharp, 1882:335; TL: India (India bor.); Syntypes BMNH; DESCR: Bistrom 1997:392.

Hydrovatus acuminatus Motschulsky, 1859

Hydrovatus acuminatus Motschulsky, 1859:42; TL: SE Asia (continent Indien); Syntypes; DESCR: Bistrom 1997:351.

Genus Hyphydrus Illiger, 1802

Hyphydrus Illiger, 1802:299; type species: Dytiscus gibbus Fabricius, 1777:238 (Dytiscus ovatus Linnaeus, 1761:547).

Hyphydrus birmanicus Regimbart, 1888

Hyphydrus birmanicus Regimbart, 1888:614; TL: Myanmar: Bhamo (Bhamo); LT: Vazirani 1977a:21 MNHN; DESCR: Bistrom1982:100.

Hyphydrus sumatrae Regimbart, 1880

Hyphydrus sumatrae Regimbart, 1880:211;

Genus Laccophilus Leach, 1815

Laccophilus Leach, 1815:84; type species: Dytiscus minutus Linnaeus, 1758:412.

Laccophilus anticatus anticatus Sharp, 1890

Laccophilus anticatus Sharp, 1890b:341.

Laccophilus chinensis Boheman, 1858

Laccophilus chinensis Boheman, 1858:21; TL: China: Hong Kong; LT: Wewalka 1975a:152 NHRS; DESCR. Brancucci1983b:329.

Laccophilus beroni Rocchi, 1986

Laccophilus Leach, 1815:84; type species: Dytiscus minutus Linnaeus, 1758:412. SOFM.

Laccophilus Leach, 1815:84; type species: Dytiscus minutus Linnaeus, 1758:412. Laccophilus flexuosus Aube, 1838

Laccophilus flexuosus Aube, 1838b:430;

Laccophilus indicus Gschwendtner, 1936

Laccophilus solutus var. indicus Gschwendtner, 1936:366; TL: India: Assam, Bengal, Punjab; Syntypes OLML; DESCR: Brancucci 1983b:322; N. STAT.: Brancucci 1983b:322.

Laccophilus inefficiens (Walker, 1859)

Hydroporus inefficiens Walker, 1859:51; TL: Sri Lanka; LT: Wewalka 1975a:152 BMNH; DESCR: Brancucci 1983b:332; N. COMB.: Sharp 1882:287.

Laccophilus medialis Sharp, 1882 Laccophilus medialis Sharp, 1882:309;

Laccophilus parvulus parvulusAube, 1838Laccophilus parvulusAube, 1838b:429;

Laccophilus ritsemaeRegimbart, 1880

Laccophilus ritsemae Regimbart, 1880:209; TL: Indonesia: Sumatra: Moaralabuh (Moeara Laboe); Holotype RMNH; DESCR:Brancucci 1983b:335.

Laccophilus sharpiRegimbart, 1889

Laccophilus sharpi Regimbart, 1889:151, by indiation to Laccophilusflexuosus Aube sensu Sharp 1882:310; TL

Laccophilus parvulus obtususSharp, 1882

Laccophilus obtusus Sharp, 1882:311; TL: Singapore; LT: Brancucci 1983b:361 BMNH; DESCR: Brancucci 1983b:360; N.STAT.: Brancucci 1983b:360.

Laccophilus uniformisMotschulsky, 1859

Laccophilus uniformis Motschulsky, 1859:46; TL: SE Asia (continent Indien); LT: Brancucci 1983b:367 ZMUM; DESCR:Brancucci 1983b:366.


Genus Neptosternus Sharp, 1882

Neptosternus Sharp, 1882:286; type species: Neptosternus ornatus Sharp, 1882:317.

Neptosternus horaiVazirani, 1953

Neptosternus horaiVazirani, 1953:424; TL: India: Chennai (Madras): Hoganical Falls; Holotype ZSI; DESCR: Vazirani1969b:253.

FAMILY Noteridae

Genus Canthydrus Sharp, 1882

1882. Canthydrus Sharp, Sci. Trans. R. Dublin Soc.


Genus Neohydrocoptus Sato 1972

Neohydrocoptus Sato, 1972: Annls Hist. Nat. Mus. Nat. Hung. 64:144.

Neohydrocoptus subvittulus Motschulsky, 1859.

Hydrocoptus subvittulus Motschulsky, 1859:48: Wehncke, 1883:148. Zimmermann, 1919a: 11: 1920.

Genus: Hydrocanthus Sharp, 1882

Hydrocanthus Sharp, 1882: Scient, Trans. R. Dublin Soc. 2(2): 268, 920.

Hydrocanthus guignoti Young, 1985

Hydrocanthus debilis Guignot 1957:5 (Central and South America) Hydrocanthus guignoti Young, 1985: Proceeding of theAcademy of Natural sciences of Philadelphia 137:90-98.

FAMILY: Haliplidae

Genus: Haliplus Latreille, 1802

1802. Haliplus Latreille, Hist. Nat. Crust. Ins. 3:77.

Haliplus manipurensis Vazirani

1966. Haliplus manipurensis Vazirani Proc. Zool. Soc. Calcutta 19: 132.

Haliplus sp.

FAMILY Gyrinidae

Genus: Dineutus Macleay, 1825

1825. Dineutus Macleay, Annulosa javanica., 1: 30.

Dineutus (Protodineutus) indicusAube, 1938

1938. Dineutus indicus Aube, Species coleopteres, 6: 772

Sub Order Polyphaga Emery, 1886

FAMILY Dryopidae Billberg, 1820

Genus: Elmomorphus Sharp, 1888

Elmomorphus Sharp, 1888: 242; Sato, 1985: 255; Kodada et al., 2003: 455; Satô and Yoshitomi, 2005: 636. Dryopidius Grouvelle, 1896: 33. Elmomorphellus Chujo and Sato, 1964: 193. Type species: Elmomorphus brevicornis Sharp, 1888: 243.

Elmomorphus brevicornis Sharp

Elmomorphus brevicornis Sharp, 1888: 243

(Natural History Museum, London): South Japan, Laccophilus Leach, 1815:84; type species: Dytiscus minutus Linnaeus, 1758:412. Laccophilus Leach, 1815:84; type species: Dytiscus minutus Linnaeus, 1758:412.

FAMILY: Hydraneidae

Genus: Ochthebius Leach, 1815

1815, Ochthebius Leach in Brewster’s Edinb. Enc., 9:95


FAMILY Helophoridae Leach, 1815

Genus: Helophorus Fabricius 1775

Helophorus sp.

FAMILY Hydrochidae Thomson 1859

Genus: Hydrochus Leach, 1817

1903. Hydrochus Leach, Zool. Misc, 3:90.

1924. Hydrochus Leach: Knisch, Col. Cat., 14 (Pars.79):96-104

Hydrochus annamita Regimbart,1903

1903. Hydrochus annamita Regimbart, Ann. Soc. Ent. Fr., 72:64

Hydrochus locustris Nietner, 1856

1856. Hydrochus locustris Nietner, Journ. As. Soc. Berg., 25:537.

Hydrochus spp.

FAMILY: Hydrophilidae Latreille, 1802

Sub family Shaeridiinae

Tribe I. Sphaeridiini Latreille, 1802

Genus: Sphaeridium Fabricius, 1775.

1775. Sphaeridium Fabricius, Syst. Ent., PP. 66.

1924. Sphaeridium Fabricius: Knisch, Col. Cat., 14 (Pars.79): 119-127.

Sphaeridium severini D'Orchymont 1919

1919. Sphaeridium severini d'orchymont, Ann. Soc. Ent. Fr. 88: 116, f 7.

1924. Sphaeridium severini: Knisch, Col. Cat., 14 (Pars 79): 127.4. S. severini d' orchymont, 1919

Sphaeridium quinquemaculatum Fabricius, 1798

1798. Sphaeridium quinquemaculatum Fabricius, Syst. Ent. Suppl., P: 39.

1924. Sphaeridium quinquemaculatum: Knisch, Col. Cat., 14 (Pars. 79): 124.

Genus Coleostoma Brulle, 1835

Coelostoma Brulle, 1835:293. Type species: Hydrophilus orbicularis, Fabricius 1775 (Monotypy)

Coelostoma subditum D'occhymont 1936

Genus Cercyon Leach, 1817

1817. Cercyon Leach, Zool. Misc., 3:95

1924. Cercyon Leach: Knisch, Col. Cat., 14 (Pars.79): 127-152.

Cercyon lineolatus Motschulsky, 1863

Trichopoda lineolata Motschulsky, 1863. Bull. Soc. Imp. Nat. Mosc. 36: 444.

Cercyon lineolatus: Sharp 1890. Trans. R. ent. Soc. Lond. 2: 357.

Cercyon (C. S. Str.) punctigerum Knisch

1921. Cercyon (C. S. Str.) pllnctigerllm Knisch, Archiv. Natllrg, 85 (A-8): 79.

Cercyon (Cercyon S. Str.) vicinalis Walker

1859. Cercyon (C. S. Str.) vicino/is Walker. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., (3) 3: 258.

1924. Cercyon (C. S. Str.) vicinalis: Knisch. Col. Cat., 14 (Pars. 79): 150.

Cercyon sp.

Genus 5. Dactylosternum Woll.; 1854

1854. Dactylostemum Woll., Ins. Mader. P. 99, t.3. f.

1. Dactylosternum hydrophiloid es M'cLeay 1825.

1825. Dacty/osternum hydrophiloides M'Leay, Annul. lavan. P:

36. Dactylosternum abdominale Fabricius, 1792

1792. Dactylosternum abdominale F., Ent. Syst. 1:

79.Genus: Oosternum Sharp, 1882

1882. Oosternum Sharp, Bioi. Centro Amer. 1: 112.

1924. Oosternum: Knisch, Col. Cat., 14 (Pars 79):

154. Oosternum horni d' orchymont, 1914

1914. Oosternum horni d'orchymont. Em. Millei, 3: 326, f.2, P.

327. Tribe III. Megastemini

Genus: Pachysternum Motsch, 1863

1863. Pachysternum Motsch, Bull. Soc. Imp. Nat. Moscoll. 36: 446.

Pachysternum coomani d'Orchymont 1926

1926. Pachyslernum coomani d'Orchymont, Ann. &: Bull. Soc. Ent. Belg., 66: 221. 225.

Pachysternum nigrovittatum Motsch. 1863

1863. Pachystemum nigrovittatum Motsch, Bull. Soc. Imp. Nat. Moscou, 36: 447, 1. 9, f. 22.

Subfamily IV. Hydrophilinae Latreille, 1802

Tribe I. Acidocerini Zaitzev, 1908

Genus: Helochares Mulsant, 1844

Helochares Mulsant, 1844, Palp. P. 197

Helochares: Knisch, 1924, Col. Cat., 14 (Pars 79): 192-199.

Helochares pallens MacLeay, 1825

1825: Enhydrus pallens MacLeay, Annul. Javan. P. 35.

1924. Helochares pallens: d’ Orchymont, Ann. Bull. Soc. Ent. Belg. 66:232.

Helochares anchoralis Sharp 1890

1890. Helochares anchoralis Sharp, Trans. Ent. Soc. Lond. P: 352.

Helochares atropiceus Regimbart, 1903

Helochares atropiceus Regimbart, 1903, Ann. Soc. Ent. F. 72:53

Helochares crenatusRegimbart, 1903

1903. Helochares crenatus Regimbart, Ann. Soc. Ent. Fr.72: 54.

Helochares lentus Sharp 1890

1890. Helochares lentus Sharp. Trans. Ent. Soc. Lond. P: 352.

1924. Helochares lentus: Knisch., Col. Cat., 14 (pars.79): 193.

Helochares taprobanicus Sharp

1890. Helochares taprobanicus Sharp, Trans. Ent. Soc. Lond. p: 351.

1924. Helochares taprobanicus: Knisch, Col. Cat., 14 (pars. 79): 199.

Genus Chasmogenus Sharp, 1882

Chasmogenus Sharp, 1882:73. Crephelochares Kuwert, 1890:38. Syn.:d’Orchymont 1919:148.

Chasmogenous abnormalis Sharp, 1890.

Philydrus abnormalis Sharp, Trans Ent. Soc. London, 1890:351. Phylhydrus ferrugatus Regimbart, Ann. Soc. Ent. France, 72,1903:57. Enochrus abnormicollis Zaitzev, Hor. Soc. Ent. Ross, XXXVIII, 1908: 385.

Genus Enochrus Thomson, 1859

1859. Enochrus Thoms, Skand. Col., 1:18

1924. Enochrus: Knisch. Col. Cat., 14 (Pars. 79): 200-219.

Enochrus nigropiceus Motschulsky, 1861

Philhydrus nigropiceus Motschulsky 1861:109. Enochrus (Lumetus) nigropiceus (Motschulsky): Zaitzev 1908: 388. Enochrus (Methydrus) nigropiceus (Motschulsky): Hebauer 2001: 21.

Enochrus (Methydrus) esuriens Walker, 1858

Enochrus (Lumetus) esuriens Walker, 1858:209. Enochrus (Lumetus) esuriens Walker: Knisch 1924:208. Enochrus (Methydrus) esuriens Walker: Orchymont 1928: 112.

Enochrus rubocintus Regimbart, 1903

1903. Philhydrus rubocintus Regimbart, Ann. Soc. Ent. Fr. 72: 214

Enochrus sp.

Tribe II. Hydrophilini Latreille, 1802

Genus Sternolophus Solier, 1834

1834. Sternolophus Solier, Ann. Soc. ent. Fr. 3:302-310.

Genus Hydrophilus Muller, 1764

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Hydrophilus olivaceous Fabricius, 1781

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Hydrophilus indicus Bedel 1892

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1893. Hydrophilus indicus, Kuwert, Deut. Ent. 'Zeit., P.88.

Hydrophilus temnopteroides d'Orchymont 1913

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Hydrophilus sp. Laccophilus Leach, 1815:84; type species:Dytiscus inutesLinnaeus, 1758: 412.

Genus Tropisternus Solier, 1834

Tropistrenus Solier, 1834:302, Type species: Hydrophilus lateralis Fabricius 1775 (des. Brulle, 1835)

Tropisternus sp.

Tribe III. Amphiopini Short & Fikacek, 2013

Genus Amphiops Erichson, 1843

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Amphiops simplex Sharp, 1890

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Amphiops pedestris Sharp 1890

1890. Amphiops pedestris Sharp, Trans. Ent. Soc. London, p: 354.

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Amphiops mirabilis Sharp, 1890

Tribe IV. Berosini Mulsant, 1844

Genus: Berosus Leach, 1817

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Berosus fairmairei Zaitzev 1908

1908. Berosus /airmairei Zaitzev, Horae Soc. Ent. Ross, 38: 355.LaccophilusLeach, 1815:84; type species: Dytiscus minutus Linnaeus, 1758:412.31. Berosus pulchellus M'Leay 1825

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Berosus indicus Motschulsky 1861

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Genus Regimbartia Zaitz, 1908

Regimbartia Zaitz, 1908, Horae Soc. Ent. Ross, 38: 362 (Catal).

Regimbartia attenuata Fabricius, 1801.

1801. Regimbartia attenuata F., Syst. Eleuth., 1: 235 (Hydrophilus).

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Tribe Anacaenini Thomson, 1859

Genus 2. Paracymus Thomson 1867

1867. Paracymus Thomson, Skand. Col. 9: 119-120.

1924. Paracymlls Thomson, Col. Cal., 14 (79): 164-168

Paracymus sp.

Tribe Laccobiini Bertrand, 1954

Genus Laccobius Erichson, 1837

1937. Laccobius Erichson.

Laccobius sp.

Family: Curculionidae Latreille, 1802

Genus Neochetina Hustache, 1926

Neochetina bruchi Hastache 1926

Neochetina sp.

Family: Chrysomelidae Latreille, 1802

Genus: Donacia Fabricius, 1775

Donacia Fabricius, 1775; Type species: Donacia crassipes, Fabricius 1775.

Donacia sp.

FAMILY Histeridae Gyllenhal, 1808

Genus: Histerus

Histerus sp.

FAMILY Scirtidae Fleming, 1821.

Genus: Scirtid

Limnicus sp.

FAMILY Staphylinidae Latreille, 1802

Genus: Paedrus

Paedrus sp.


The authors are thankful to the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), PUSA, New Delhi for giving financial assistance of MRP Ref. no.37 (1633)/14/EMR-II during the course of the work. Thanks are also due to the Principal and Head, PG

Department of Zoology, DM College of Science, Imphal for providing laboratory facilities.