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Comparative study of Artisans in Kathua and Anantnag Districts of Jammu & Kashmir

Dr. Mohd Arif is a Former Asstt. Professor, Department of Economics, B.G.R. Campus Pauri, HNB Garhwal University Srinagar, Uttrakhand, India.

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Income is the prime influence that decides the socio-economic position of a person in a society. High income is a measure of a better socio-economic condition and when the income of a person is low, it is considered that the person has a low Socio- Economic standing. It is evident that the low income and earnings from handicraft sector can raise a basic question as to what is the future of traditional trade. In this paper, it would be our effort to give a brief account of opinions given by handicraft artisans with regard to the future prospects of the handicraft sector. As they are not in a position to leave this profession forever in the near future, they have to think about the future prospects of the handicraft sector. The paper through lights the concern regarding, social and economic status of the handicraft artisans in Kathua and Anantnag Districts. Data have been collected through primary and secondary methods with 300 sample artisans in both the districts. Data have been analyzed through tables, graphs and chi-square test utilized for the significances

study of Artisans