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Economical Classifications and Review Purpose in my Opinion

John Lanson*

Department of Economics, Beinville university, USA

*Corresponding Author:
John Lanson
Associate professor Department of Economics
Beinville university,USA
E-mail: [email protected]

Received date: 29/06/2016; Accepted date: 30/06/2016 Published date: 04/07/2016

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Economics: Factors that involves in Consumption, services, distribution and production all are comes under the Economical classification. Consistence of future purposes in optional economics are including Light and fruit bearing of Economics, those both are mainly depends on the Macro and Micro Economical purposes. Both the major process of economic processes are having the Demand, goods, supply and production values. Investments and savings will play the main roe in economic status in future.


Macro economics, Micro economics, Goods, Investment, Supply, Demand.

Classifications of Economics

Economic country classifications

Employment classifications

Industrial classifications

Product classifications

Economic sectors, While comes to branches of economics it will be two they are universal known:

Micro Economics and Macro Economics

Micro Economics

Decision making according to allocation of all limited sources is the main function of Micro economics and it deals with analyzing and establishment of market mechanisms with relative to prices with respective to goods are shown main aspect in this system.

Some major topics in Micro economics are:


Elasticity measurements

Demand theory

Production and cost theory

Oligopology and monopology

Labour and welfare economics

Game information economics

Macro Economics

Opputunity cost is the main aspect in the micro economics deals with Rate and cost fixing in private sectors, cash flow discounts will be acceptable. Demand for Money aspects price level, taxation allocation represented in graphical manner. Macro economics is deals with Unemployment and Exchange rates, International assert all are comes under the deviation of Macro sectors. Behavior of economics in whole large and small industries through worldwide is the main aspect of Macro economics.

Growth rate effects


Price levels

GNP- Gross national products


Business cycles


It is the one of the root in the macro economical system which is completely linked up with brand values. Gross national products deals with the profit and loss ratio in International as well as budget ratios in Marketing systems. Macro and micro economics main difference national and international budget economies.


Economical sector defines the Queen of arts it suggests and links each and every topic to the human race, future developments. Each and every step in the both economical process show the way for better respect in the economical wages and bright future and development to the respective countries and world.

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