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From Heatmetry to Entropymetry

Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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Heatmetry is a science and practice of heat flux measurement. Heat flux plays a great role in our Universe: about 70% of energy transfer by heat. However, scientists measure the heat tens or hundreds times less than temperature. This happened because of there is no useful heat flux sensors. A novel Gradient Heat Flux Sensors (GHFS) invented and created by the authors are presented in the manuscript. GHFS can measure a heat flux of any nature with very small response time – about 10 ns with environmental temperature up to 2000 Centigrade. This allows to online monitoring of many industrial application: turbines, generators, boilers, electrical batteries etc. But first it is necessary to verify sensors by measuring the heat flux in well-known experimental problems: heat transfer from heated plate during free convection, forced convection from heated cylinder in cross- flow etc. After described tests were performed, it is possible to trust novel sensors and to make new step – simultaneous measure of temperature and heat flux changing. This allows us to go to another fundamental physical value – entropy. Direct entropy measurement opens new horizons in understanding of thermodynamic processes in industrial application.

Heatmetry to Entropymetry