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Identity Theory of Positivism and Positivity to Handle Cultural Restoration and Upholding

Meseret Bekele Gelaye*

Department of Science and Technology, Adama University, Adama, Ethiopia

*For correspondence:
Meseret Bekele Gelaye Department of Science and Technology, Adama University, Adama, Ethiopia

Received: 02/09/2021; Accepted: 16/09/2021; Published: 23/09/2021

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This study coming up with new area of creative development of theory building to utilize in the area of cultural up holding and restoration as well to realize its accomplishments with positive attitude holding. The case of accomplishment and its realization with positivity and positive attitude towards upholding and restoring each and every elements of culture but also towards those people engaged in such work of implementation from individual professional level to institutions as well as the community and community members taking those elements of cultures as own characteristic as the backbone of identity as if must be consideration given

Keywords: Culturpositivism; Norminpositivism; Positivitysainism; Cultural Restoration; Culture


In the area of cultural restoration and identity building as well as upholding as the characteristic of usual identity restoration became the hot agenda of the contemporary period. In such a way categorization of cultural elements for the proper care to up hold the aggregate culture as well as cultural restoration for the case formerly hampered as if among the taken into consideration area of philosophy in line with identity transformation in case of Mogassa identity theory as well as Reversive identity theory taking hold. In such a way all the above consideration given to be taking place all its accomplishments begin from planning as if must be with proper care as well as positive attitude area of consideration. In case of area of consideration again for every area of accomplishments including the knowledge and understanding that taking into consideration good positive attitude as if the most essential competence as well as way to accomplish task of any kind for the realization of the objective attached to the respective task accomplishments and beyond [1]. In such case the area of categorization of the aggregate culture for the well up holding and recognition the general societal cultural norm as well as for the well accomplishments and realization of the objective attached to the way the cultural restoration taking place as if requires positivity and carrying out all related and required task accomplishments with proper care and positive attitude that finally results the last objective that to be meet. So therefore, this paper coming up with new area of theory development for the proper care and handling of those accomplishments related to the upholding of cultures and cultural elements usually begin with the appropriately categorization of the elements of the respective aggregate culture as well as to coming up with cultural restoration as if must be taking place with good positive attitude as if planning appropriately as well accomplishing not only with positive attitude but by appropriate positive competence holding professionals while engagement taking place.

This issue handled in this study at least during this time identity restoration and upholding the general aggregate culture as well as its whole cultural elements as if among the agenda that mentioning various time for taking into consideration and taking place in several parts of the globe [2]. The usual case of hampering cultural elements that communally exist and issues identity transformation to reverse the former as if must be consideration give as the aim attached to conducting this study in the area of the newly creative development category. In such case the paper coming up with the following study objectives:

  • To develop the theory to up hold all cultural elements whether the case of aggregate cultural aspect as well its elements in positive way to build positivity with positive attitude taking hold
  • To analyze the way accomplishments of cultural restoration and up holding taking into place in consideration of positivity and positive outlook. As such without positive attitude development towards any work engagements as if impossible to realize the objectives attached to the implementation. In other words, without norm building in such a way upholding as well as restoring as if dubious.

Literature Review

Overview on Culturpositivism and Norminpositivism

As has been indicated in the introductory part, cultural restoration as well as for the purpose of upholding cultural elements to up hold the general culture as if among the theme issued in this study. For the same purpose an attempt to build and develop theory as a new creative development category to taking hold the issue of cultural upholding and planting to not be hampered by classifying the aggregate culture into its own elements to well treat the whole elements as whole elements having interrelation and if certain element hampered its impact on other as if obvious [3]. Based on such consideration of treating all elements to mean treating the aggregate as such also requires positivity and positive attitude for the realization of such Culturpositivism developed as a new theory. Besides this Norminpositivism also developed for the purpose positively and with positive attitude engagement building to accomplish the tasks of cultural restoration equally with the case of upholding through classification of the aggregate culture into elements and building the way all elements more interrelated and mutual interdependence building and positively working on.

In other words, Norminpositivism taking hold the issue of cultural restoration with appropriate care, caution taking positivity and positive attitude as well as its engagement also exclusively by professionals up holding positivity and positive attitude towards the upholding of cultural diversity as well as the categorization of cultural elements to up hold the whole elements of culture with discrimination since all cultural elements and related institutions are interrelated as without taking hold one cultural element might lead to the hampering of another cultural elements and institutions and even its impact went beyond cultural issue that other institutions also negatively impact including the way the whole communities that exist across the globe adopting the modern time innovation and invention as if educational service and as well as infrastructural expansion as well interconnection also must be taking hold with positive attitude since the latter impacting positively if well developed, delivered and expansion taking place. For the regular cultural restoration similar positivity taking into consideration as if obliged since after its accomplishments several positive impacting opportunities taking into place and taking into consideration as if usually appropriate. In such case the major agenda as if positively taking hold all accomplishments for the realization of the objective attached to the same categorization to up hold the general as well as the stated cultural restoration to coming up with positive attitude having from the latter. Besides, the developed theories taking hold the upholding, enhancing as well as restoring the hampered category of aggregate cultures and respective cultural elements respectively. As the former targeting to up hold enhance, more modernize the usually existing cultural elements and aggregately exist as if the latter targeting to restore the cultural elements and it’s aggregate as if hampered and exist under risk of vulnerability.


This is targeting to develop and build positive attitude towards the recognition, upholding and enhancing of each and every cultural elements that belongs to every known community elsewhere exist as the character and identity taking hold among the respective community. Culture means everything that coming up with positive and goodwill having elements of issues that socially constructed among certain community as community guiding all its members to live in harmony, peacefully, joyful, respecting each other and beyond with having. As own ethical norms and ethical values that guiding to live and lead livelihood of joyful, mutual benefit, prosperity, opulence, sumptuousness, abundance, happiness respecting each other, working for the recognition of human and democratic as well as conservation of all biodiversity in relation to customary law as well as according to modern democratic, constitutionalized, rule of law that existed and formulated among certain community as well as within certain countries as if must be working up on with positive attitude and magnificence way to come up with positive consequence [4]. In such way, making impractical during the era of globalization that easily interconnect, intercommunicate and interrelate those cultural elements as well as the larger aggregate cultural aspect likely taking care building possible with positive attitude. As globalization also bearing such positivity as elements and ideals exist every corner of the globe reaching and familiarity building possibly realized. For the same area and beyond with positivity and positive attitude taking holding realizing any project implementation as if impossible. In such case as humanity issue requires more positive attitude as if well preparation with taking into holding positive ideals including the participation positive attitude having practitioners towards what is to be accomplished including the last objective taking hold.


This is the way positive attitude towards the restoration of the cultural elements, societal elements that formerly hampered and currently under risk of vulnerability taking place. In line with this issue of norm building via restoration of the formerly hampered and damaged area of at least societal ethical norm to way into the area of consideration building not only restoring but also paving the lane towards having other additional taking holding societal norm building in modern way by enhancing and modernizing the partially or totally formerly damaged area of at least social or ethical norm building cases. In other more enhancing and modernizing to utilize in modern sense as if possible than the societal ethical cultural elements currently upholding and existing as well as under risk if properly done on the totally or partially hampered former time as if currently existing taking place to way modification as if might create a sort of reaction from the community upholding the aggregate culture or else cultural elements as the matter of conservativeness might locally or nationally exist among the community might make challenging to more modification taking hold towards modernizing as if the case of more enhancing possible while the formerly hampered taking hold. In such a way positivity must be taking hold first as positivity towards any accomplishments as if obliged for the appropriate care taking of not to the one that the regular issue of accomplishment of cultural restoration but also other cultural group leading livelihood nearby to the respective community cultural restoration taking place for as well as among those leading their livelihood in the same settlement area and beyond. The issue cultural restoration also requires care taking and caution building as such positivity towards care taking and caution taking hold as also mandatory. This is because the issue cultural restoration usually requires same sort of reversive identity building. So therefore if not taking place with positivity and positive attitude building among all concerned bodies as bearing additional hampering issue in latent way as well as manifest way might be encountered. For the realization of the ideal of Norminpositivism taking place positively and with positive attitude as if obliged. In other words, if the aforementioned positivity developed earlier to the beginning of the implementation of the cultural restoration as well as while on progress its realization as if unquestionable.

However, if the case is the opposite even among the members of the usually cultural restoration taking place for them as if impact bearing in negative way as such also even objection raising towards the same accomplishments even from the majority of the community members that taking into consideration the formerly holders of the targeted cultural restoration agenda as if might cause the withdrawing of the plan of the cultural restoration. So therefore if not accepted by the majority of the members of the community taking into consideration that formerly up holding the respected cultural restoration all round weighing as needed.

However, taking consideration the accomplishments with such dilemma usually coming upping with impact bearing in negative way usually causing splitting the respected community from the rest of their friendly community that leading livelihood concurrently must be among the elements that engaged to consider positively weighing the agenda as well as the plan of the accomplishments as if the case usually targetly hampering interconnection, interaction and intercommunication as well as harmonized livelihood leading as if exist mean weighing based such elements appropriately managing the consent of the community in general as if obliged [5]. If the latter case if exist as if banning the project for short or long term as if the convenient issue to properly manage the interconnection, intercommunication as well as interaction in relation to the preservation of human and democratic right. If also the case even minorly lead to certain human right violation illegality of such projects as if must be making legal base if essential. If the case taking hold with positive attitude and positivity as if taking holding the agenda of cultural restoration as if appropriate but if the case vise verse banning as if appropriate since all projects’ implementation and its realization reached its finally goal realization only if positivity exist and if taking place with positive attitude. In such both towards the positive issue towards culturpositivism as well as Norminpositivism as if never be issue of propaganda of any type.


Positivity and positive attitude towards any accomplishments has a big impact and a big milestone towards the realization of the finally destination of the accomplishments of any projects. In such case usually the major issue towards accomplishments of the categorization of cultural elements to up holds the major aggregate culture as well as in the same way the restoration of cultural aspects requires the same principle of positivity and positive attitude based accomplishments of all necessary tasks as similar to any project. Specially the latter one cultural restoration must taking hold not only the right issue of the targeted formerly hampered culture but also the cultural diffusion as well as the human and democratic right of certain category of the nearby as well as distantly exist community as if positivity might be related to coming up with certain positive as well as advantage bearing impact not only for the targeted community but also for others beyond the boundary of the community targeted for the purpose cultural restoration. Otherwise taking into consideration the project of cultural restoration as if inappropriate and the subsequent negative impact might be leading to additional manifested as well as latent adverse result. If the latter case exist banning the project as if obliged but in all cases free from political agenda and bearing positive and hindering from politico economic alienation as if must be appropriately weighing as if appropriate and obliged. For such case appropriately handling by positive competence having professionals as if must be consideration given.

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