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Nursing Education Congress 2020 Announcement


Professor, Nursing, Kanazawa University, E-mail: [email protected]

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Nursing Education Congress 2020 | Conference Series Jack Dillinger +44-1656-458029 Email: [email protected]

Nursing Education Congress 2020 | Conference Series
Jack Dillinger
Email: [email protected]

Nursing 2020 will be held in Toronto, Canada from May 08-09, 2020.

Nursing 2020 aims to provide a platform where academics and practitioners from cross-disciplinary fields from education, environmental protection industry, and business can come together and collaborate. The event will encourage the exploration of the potential synergies that may arise from pooling the different perspectives. We invite you to submit papers on Nursing and Health. Poster and oral presentations, and thesis presentations will be included in the Conference Program. Nursing Education Congress cover all aspects of Health and Clinical, and Nursing Education, Cardiovascular Nursing , Teaching Strategies in Nursing Education , Nursing Informatics, Evidence-based Teaching and Learning . It also considers the interactions between Health and these systems

*Are you willing to showcase research results and recent objectives achieved? During Nursing 2020, all participants will be able to provide at the Nursing registration desk a poster outlining your main results. Why?

Because you will have the chance to present them at the Knowledge exchange session (May 09 forenoon) and meet the authors of the speech you find most interesting during the final Networking Session!


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Nursing Education Congress is an international multidisciplinary field concerned with all aspects of interaction between health, Clinical, Patient Care:

• Advanced Nursing Practice

• Healthcare and Management

• Risk Factors in Nursing and Healthcare professionals

• Cardiovascular Nursing

• Cancer and Tumour Nursing

• Research, Scholarship and Evaluation

• Clinical Nursing

• Nursing Education Nursing Management

• Continuing Nursing Education

• International Nursing Education

• Nurse Practitioner Perspectives

• Teaching Strategies in Nursing Education

In pursuit of these topics Case Management, Patient Direction, Patient/Family Education and, Instruction, Clinical Experience, Acute Care, Screening.

Subject Advantages:

Meet Experts & Influencers Face to Face

Networking Opportunities

Learning in a New Space

New Tips & Tactics