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Study of Cosmic Intelligence and Human Health

Professor, Department of ECE, Sri Siva Subramaniya Nadar College of Engineering, Chennai, India
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Cosmic energy and its intelligence having deep influence over human being.The karmic energy of human being is varying according to movement of planets.And hence karmic and cosmic energy decides health and happiness of human being.The cosmic intelligence directly mutate the human brain cell and act according to information supplied to it.The karmic energy which is stored in subconscious mind of humanbeing will get triggered by cosmic energy and act according to karma of previous births.Each planets are having specific relation with each parts of our body,hence the human health is changing according to the movement of planets.The cosmic energy can be collected in different ways.The religious prayer,meditation, sleep and vastu are different methods of collecting cosmic energy from space.The vastu is the method of making buildings as ideal tuner to extract the maximum cosmic energy from the space.The different parts of our house will get tuned to different planets if it follows vastu architecture and we will get maximum health benefits from cosmos and universe.


Cosmic energy & intelligence, Karmic energy, Planets and Human health.


Wind energy, Atomic energy, Water energy, Thermal energy, Bio energy, Oil and Gas energy etc do not have intelligence within them. But cosmic energy has intelligence within it, that is a real wonder of nature. Cosmic energy contains information about the universe. If you want to understand this information you have to subtract noise in it. And so information minus noise in cosmic energy will give you intelligence or understanding of universe[1]. Cosmic energy is abundant in free space of cosmos[2].The cosmic energy level of newborn baby is nearly zero,but increases its activity when child grows[3].The karmic energy which is residing in subconscious mind implement its action through cosmic intelligence[4].In this paper the influence of cosmic energy from moving planets is studied.And the effect of human health by the influence of cosmic intelligence is explored.


The cosmic rays with energies less than about 1010 eV are primarily solar cosmic rays produced in solar flares and coronal mass ejections, while those with energies between 1010 eV and 1015 eV are galactic cosmic rays produced in the shocks of supernova remnants. The ultra-high energy cosmic rays (UHECRs) that is above 1015 eV is a mystery, but many have suggested that these may be created outside of our galaxy. Cosmic energy exists everywhere in the cosmos, it is a band between the galaxies, planets, humans and molecules, it is the space between each and everything. It is a band which keeps the whole cosmos in order. Cosmic energy is the life force and it is essential to maintain the order of our life and to expand our consciousness. Cosmic energy is the base of all our actions and functions.


We receive some amount of cosmic energy in deep sleep and in total silence. We are using this energy in our day-today activities like seeing, sleeping, thinking and all actions of our body. This limited energy gained through sleep is not sufficient for these activities and that is why we feel exhausted, tired and tensed. This leads to mental and physical stress and all kinds of illnesses. The only way to overcome this is to get more and more cosmic energy. Cosmic energy is essential to maintain the order of our life and to lead a healthy and happy life.
Abundant cosmic energy is only obtained through meditation. Sleep is unconscious meditation while meditation is conscious sleep. In sleep we get limited energy. In meditation we get abundant energy. This energy enhances the power of our mind intellect and it opens the doors for both senses and beyond. With this boosted energy through meditation, we will be relaxed, healthy and happy. It also helps to reach greater heights in the physical realm. Meditation is nothing but a journey towards the self. In meditation we consciously travel from body to mind to intellect, intellect to self and beyond.
Cosmic Energy is essential to maintain the order of our life, to lead a healthy and happy life, to totally involve in all situations, to obtain knowledge and finally for expansion of our consciousness.


A new-born baby is like a seed. It contains within itself all the ingredients which will make it a similar, yet completely different individual from all its fellow human beings. How its potential is developed depends, like the seed, on the kind of nurture it receives. The nature of a man is born within him, but his own free will determines whether he will make really good use of his talents and abilities. Whether he will overcome his potential for vice or weakness depends on how he is trained in his youth. If we recognize our nature--our tendency towards laziness, irritability, worries, frustrations, wickedness, cunnings, jealousy,we can take positive steps to overcome them. The first step in solving problems is to recognize them for what they are.
Astrological interpretations indicate our inclinations and tendencies. Once pointed out, we must take the necessary steps to chart our lives in a manner that will make us useful citizens of the world. Even a person with criminal tendencies can become a saint, if he recognizes his nature and takes steps to lead a good life.
Everybody knows that the earth takes approximately one year to move around the sun. This movement, viewed from the earth, places the sun in various zodiacal areas during the year. A person is born (not accidentally, but as a result of karmic influence) when the sun is on transit in one of the twelve zodiacal signs. Through the zodiacal sign you can determine certain times in your life when you have to slow down, or push yourself to great levels of creativity, or when you have to watch your activities and health. There is a close link between the movement of the moon and our own behaviour. This is seen especially among mentally disturbed and abnormally violent people. It is also true that certain sicknesses like asthma and bronchitis are aggravated when the moon waxes. There is, therefore, sufficient basis for us to believe that other planets can also influence our lives. As per astrology, the time at which a person is born is predetermined by the cosmic energy and the karmic energy. Hence, the life is not merely accidental: it is the result of the interaction between an individual's karma and the cosmic energy force. The course of a human life is predetermined, caused partly by a being's own actions in the past and the energies that activate the cosmos. Once started, a life is controlled by the interaction between these two forces even to the moment at which a birth takes place.


All karmic energies are stored in the subconscious mind. Since karmic forces influence one's destiny, a person can develop his mind and negate certain evil influences caused by previous bad karma. A person can also 'purify' his mind and rid himself of all karmic energies and thus prevent rebirth with the influence of cosmic energy from planets,stars etc. When there is no rebirth, there is no potential life and there will consequently be no 'future' existence. At such a stage of spiritual and mental development, one will have transcended the need to know about his life because most imperfections and unsatisfaction would have been removed.
The planting of certain flowers, trees and vegetables at different times of a year will produce differences in strength or appearance of the plants. So there is no reason to doubt that people born in certain times of the year will have different characteristics from people born at other times. By knowing his weaknesses, failures and short-comings, a man can do his best to overcome them and make himself a better and more useful person to society. It will also help him a great deal to get rid of unhappiness and disappointments.
'The planets influence the more elemental part of man than passions', but through his intellect man can arrange his life in harmony with the planets, and also cultivate his inherent talents and manipulate them for his betterment.Do not expect good luck to come to you or be handed to you easily without any effort on your part. If you want to reap the harvest, you must sow the seed and it must be the right seed. Remember, 'Opportunity knocks at the door, but never break the lock to gain entrance.'
Karmic and cosmic energy influences and decides our happy and healthy life. Karmic energy is not in our hand, but we can get maximum cosmic energy from cosmos through stars, planets, vastu, meditation and sleep etc.


After the birth of humanbeing,the cosmic intelligence interact with karmic energy which is residing inside our subconscious mind and brings out our present activities.And so the happenings of our activity is entirely depends on our past karmas.Using cosmic intelligence as a tool we can make our life more healthy and comfortable and more enjoyable.Accumulate as much as cosmic energy possible through sleep,prayer,meditation and vastu practices.


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