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The Clinical Pharmacist Competence as Pharmaceutical Drug Design Tool

Luisetto M1* and Nili-Ahmadabadi B2

1Department of Laboratory Medicine, Hospital Pharmacist’s Manager, Italy

2Nano Drug Delivery (A Product Development Firm), Chapel Hill NC, USA

Corresponding Author:
Luisetto M, Pharm D
European Specialist in Laboratory Medicine
Hospital Pharmacist’s Manager, Italy
E-mail: [email protected]

Received date: 18/05/2017; Accepted date: 19/05/2017; Published date: 26/05/2017

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Clinical pharmacy, Drug design, Pharmaceutical industry, Clinical outcomes


In today healthcare we can see that not all the disease have efficacy drug therapy and we have different profile of response due by the specific molecular characteristics. The pharmaceutical industries need a more efficacy system to develop pharmacological molecules and to do this in more efficacy system we think that the clinical pharmacist competences are the right tool.

To improve pharmacodynamics or kinetics, or improving the delivery system the clinical pharmacist can be a liaison between the clinicians and patients need and the pharmaceutical industries. They can translate better the real problem involved in drug development and they can say with specific competence if a pharmacological molecule must be improved or if it is not an efficient instrument in therapy.

Many disease have profile of efficacy not at high level and with a lot of relapses due to pharmacokinetic or dynamics problems (metabolism, receptor second messengers, toxicity, drug design, ligands and other). The clinical pharmacist competence make possible to connect the clinical need to the pharmaceutical industries in order to achieve improving in clinical outcomes [1-11].


The clinical pharmacist specific competences added to medicinal chemistry knowledge and clinical need are efficacy instruments to translate to pharmaceutical industries the modification of pharmacological molecule or the need to search new strategy in drug therapy if not efficacy as request.


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