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Case Report Open Access

A Giant Sub-Mandibular Sialolith: A Case Report


One of the most common diseases of salivary gland encountered is sialolith. It is relatively common in sub-mandibular salivary glands and its duct. The largest salivary gland stones are formed by submandibular glands. This case report is of a patient presented to our unit with a history of severe pain and swelling on floor of the mouth, which was clinically and radiographically diagnosed as sialolith. One of the most common diseases that affect the salivary glands and a major cause of salivary gland dysfunction is salivary stone. Studies have reported that the overall incidence is 1% in the population. Most of the cases remain asymptomatic. The incidence of occurrence in sub-mandibular region is relatively high, 80-90% as compared to parotid region, 5-20% and the sub-lingual and other minor salivary glands which range from 0-10%.

Jawahar Anand

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