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A New Record of Fruit Fly Trupanea amoena (Frauenfeld) within Genus Trupanea Schrank of Subfamily Tephritinae (Diptera: Tephritidae) from Pakistan.


This paper deals with new record and better description of Fruit fly Trupanea amoena (Frauenfeld) in Subfamily Tephritinae (Diptera: Tephritidae) which has been previously recorded from other regions of world. But, now it has been reported as a new pest from Pakistan infesting on cultivated and wild species of safflower (Athamus tinctorius). A diagnosis of this species collected from this locality is provided, and newly recorded species is illustrated and re-described with improved description. The morphological identity of T. amoena has been confirmed by comparing its morphologic characteristics data with the related species from the various regions as consulted in literature. The list of plant host as based sampling from host plant analysis is furnished from where immature stages of fly were recovered, and reliable literatures are presented for collected species. This study represents the first report and record of T. amoena from Swat valley of Pakistan.

Muhammad Riaz and Muhammad Sarwar

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