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A Protocol for Energy Efficient Dynamic Interthread Communication Using Cache Coherence


Threads are having different communications, which completely depend on memory hierarchy. Here the concept has different methods to find the communication pattern in shared memory. Then the method was used until the end of this paper is dynamic mapping, it is processing during the executions, which are also shown a great difference between the static and dynamic mapping. The proposed system had been used a cache coherence protocol for sending the message to all cores which have the same cache line. Here the mapping technique is done through the software and some hardware components were used to collect the information of cores. Jobs are given to the proposed model with the help of the Simics simulator. The jobs are entered or loaded into the framework with the help of the job node. The core node is responsible for processing the jobs and gives the desired output to the end user.

M.Sundarrajan, B Srinivasan*

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