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A Review of Process Limitations and Microbial Community in Anaerobic Digestion of Fat, Oil, and Grease (Fog)


Organic wastes, such as fats, oils, and grease (FOG), are good substrates for biogas production because of their high methane yield potential. FOG are hydrolyzed to glycerol and long-chain fatty acids(LCFA), and the degradation of LCFA takes place through the β-oxidation pathway which has been reported as the rate-limiting step of the whole anaerobic digestion process. This paper reviews the scientific literature on LCFA and FOG anaerobic digestion, inhibition factors, and microbial community, and will highlight future research needed to improve the methane production of FOG by anaerobic co-digestion with other waste biomass.

Jing He, Yu Deng , Xia Li, Yunfei Zhang, Nengmin Zhu, and Xiaobo Yin

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