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A Review on Medicinal Plants


Now-a-days many people do not put faith in the natural plant derived medicines but rather are used to taking the scientifically developed tablets and pills. The traditional life science has taken care of humankind for hundreds of years. Many people assume that medicinal plants were hard to find and a lot of effort has to be put in to find them in the forest regions [6-10]. With the latest advancements in the field of science the medicinal plants were gradually replaced by the modern drugs and this resulted in disappearance of house pharmacy in no time. However, due to globalization and availability of internet, lot of people have got inclined towards natural drugs. The improvement of facilities across the globe is attempting their best to analyse the characteristics of the market plants and realize remedies for a lot of crucial diseases from their extracts. This can be currently termed as the revolutionary phase in the field of drugs.

Jhansi Thalluri

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