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Additional (4th) option for malaria elimination activities


Zika, Ebola, Bird Flu, HIV, etc. are today’s murderers. However, malaria is the ancient, current’s and futures’ slaughterer. The main measures that are in action to minimize malaria’s distractions can be grouped into 3 options: prompting diagnoses and treatment with anti-malaria drugs; eliminating the vector by different measures and prophylaxis-vaccination. By such measures, the burden of malaria infection decreases, but couldn’t eradicate. Instead, may appear some genetically modified Plasmodium and even the mosquito itself! For postulating our new idea on minimizing such dangerous tendencies, since June 2016, through social media and seminar, we deal with stakeholders on the following: if Anopheles couldn’t suck infected blood during its lifespan (maximum a month), it will die without transmitting the disease to a healthy person. Hence, temporary (for ≤100 days) dislocate the patient from the area, where the mosquito population is high, not only more effective than using only bed nets or killing the Anopheles, but also gives extra dozens of advantages. A quarter of them:                         Controllable treatment;                         Minimize plasmodium’s adaptation (modification) inside its host!;                         Considering the right of non-infected people: “they have also a right not to be infected!”                         During dislocation, skilling-training the patient for his futurity.                         Thus along with the 3 options, we should try the mentioned new option. During the presentation,                     except for the detailed plan of realizing our option, we can show:                         lack of sufficient awareness not only in developing countries but also of developed                         revealing the drawbacks of the above mentioned 3 options that the world is using to eradicate malaria                         propose 2-3 chemical agents, which may distract the life cycle of the vector  

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