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An Analysis for Measure of Effectiveness of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Using Simulation


As an UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) costs less for producing and operating than a manned aircraft, and it is widely used and efficient, it has been developing by many countries. Its tactical worthiness is highly evaluated in the field of military ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance) operations. For applying the M&S to the acquisition, the previous methodologies to measure the effectiveness of the weapon system like an UAV showed limitations of containing subjective and qualitative factors. So, new methodology using simulation for measuring performances of weapon system inputted combat circumstances and operational concept is needed. This study is to develop a new methodology for measuring and analyzing the effectiveness of an UAV. In order to decide the factors for evaluating effectiveness, literature reviews, experts’ interviews, surveys and factor analysis were conducted. With the selected factors, an experiment design for simulation was organized. With the developed simulation, MOEs (Measures of Effectiveness) were drawn depending upon effectiveness on an UAV. In addition, meaningful results for better effectiveness of UAV were gotten by analyzing through multiple linear regression and Structural equation modeling. As applied the result of the analysis to the improved scenario, around 29% increase of operating effectiveness was shown in the simulation.

Hyunkyung M, Hayoung J, Euiho S

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