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An Perspective on Spectrophotometry and Pharmaceutical Applications


Biomolecules or macromolecules such as proteins or hormones, either produced by isolation from biological sources or by means of biotechnology, must also be subjected to careful analytical control. Thus, while the analytical tasks required for biomolecules are somewhat different from those of ordinary pharmaceuticals, when it comes to regulation and documentation of their quality and properties they definitely belong to the same group. The development of drugs in the pharmaceutical industry is a long-term process, often taking more than a decade from the start of the research project to appearance of a drug on the market especially the IND and NDA, the amount of data generated is enormous. Analytical chemists take part in many of the studies that constitute this documentation. Substance quality and its specifications are based on substance analysis, and that knowledge is later used for quality control during full-scale production.

Chuanfeng Zheng

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