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Research Article Open Access

Analysis of Scientific Research Productivity of Presidency University during 2016-2021: A Scientometrics Study of Emerging University


This present article features that the research yield and scholarly communication of faculty members and research scholars of Presidency University, Bangalore during 2016–2021 by using Scopus databases. Data were interpreted by using VOS Viewer to visualize the Presidency University Research output maturation, growth, and trends. Central results exhibited that mainstream of scholars of Presidency University. This scientometrics analysis covers the research articles published by faculty members and research scholars with Presidency University’s name in their affiliation. Here, the authors of this article are trying to understand the authorship pattern, types of cited resources, length of contributions, etc. This present research study reveals that out of the total number of 469 contributions, 27 (5.80%) are contributed by single authors while the remaining 108 (23.25%) have joint author and 334(71.21%) are contributed by more than two Authors. It is very clear that highest nos 139 (29.63%) research papers have been published on the subject of research in ‘Computer Science’, followed by ‘Physics and Astronomy’ with 137 (29.21%), ‘Materials Science’ with 132 (28.14%) and ‘Chemistry’ with 41 (8.74%) titles. Out of 469 publications from 2016 to 2021, 305 articles are published in scientific journals and the remaining 166 are conference papers (35.39%). 

Dr. Sheshadri K N, Mr. Duragappa