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Articles in press and Articles in process

Research Article:  J Statitics Math Sci.
Analysis of Scientific Research Productivity of Presidency University during 2016-2021: A Scientometrics Study of Emerging University
Dr. Sheshadri K N, Mr. Duragappa
Research Article:  J Stats Math Sci
Moment to employ in an existing structure through specific grade system
J. Kamala and N. Vijayasanka
Research Article:  RRJSMS
A Study on Demographic Transition Theory of Bangladesh
Nasrin Khatun*
Research Article:  Res Rev J Static math Sci
Regression Analysis and Spatial Distribution of Drought Indices on Maize Production in the Northern Part of Nigeria
A Adedayo Adepoju, Grace O Adenuga, Tayo P Ogundunmade
Research Article:  Res Rev J Static math Sci
Some Prime Labeling of Graph
B Kavitha, C Vimala
Commentary:  jsms
Proof of Beal's Conjecture
Kutlay Telli
Research Article:  JSMS
Discovering the rule for sum of two squares
Hussein Ahmed Ayed Rababa
Research Article:  J Statist Math Sci
Exhaustive to elementary proofs of Riemann hypothesis
Surajit Ghosh*
Perspective Article:  JSMS
K-Frames in Terms of Descomposition of Operators-Hilbert Operators
Juan Jose Molina Gonzalez
Short Communication:  RRJSMS
The New Calculus
Chris Mora*
Thesis:  RRJSMS
Axiomatic Proof of the Properties of the Complex Plane through Constants
Research Article:  RRJSS
Self-Discipline Practices Inventory in Learning Mathematics: Instrumentation Process
Self-discipline, Instrument, Instrumentation, Measure approach, Scale
Research Article:  Some Studies on Multivariate Anova and Profile Analysis
Some Studies on Multivariate Anova and Profile Analysis
Joseph Justin Rebello, Shafna Noushad
Research Article:  J Stats Math Sci
Socio-Economic Risk Profiling of Child Nutritional Status: Evidence from the Most Populous Province of Pakistan
Abdu R Rahman, Zahid Asghar, Salman A Cheem, Tahir Munir
Research Article:  J Math Stat
Determining Dimensionality of Binary Variables: A Monte Carlo Simulation Study
Ting Dai1*, Adam Davey2
Short Communication:  J Math Stat
Dynamic Behavioral Analysis of Two Plant Species through Mathematical Model
S Kiruba Seeni Anantham, Esther Christopher Das, S Dominic Rajkumar
Research Article:  RRJSMS
Bayesian Estimation of Simultaneous Equation Models with Outliers and Multicollinearity Problem
Oluwadare O Ojo*, Oluwaseun A Adesina
Commentary:  RRJ Stats Math Sci.
The Role of Algebraic Equations in Daily Applications
Abdul Mohammad*