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ANDROID – Future OS for Personal Computers


After so many efforts for customization and user acceptance still computer operating system layouts are not as simple as we have today for mobile devices (Smartphone and tablets) and some where we find them complicated as compare to that of our handheld devices. Google achieved success through the launch of android as an operating system for mobile phones and tablets. Some organizations are working hard to get a stable version of android for personal desktop computers and the most recent success towards this goal was achieved under project named as Android X86 from Chih-Wei Huang and Yi Sun who started this project during 2009, the aim was to port Google’s mobile android to x86 platform [1]. We can say that future of personal computers can be looked as Android based personal computers. Through this paper we are trying to focus on different features that an android based personal computer can provide to its users in modern computing era computing.

Rohit Rana*, Arvind Kumar

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