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Approach of Solid Dispersion and Polymer Coating in Formulation of Rapid Dispersible Tablets of Paracetamol


Concept of Rapid dispersible or fast dissolving dosage forms is the basic requirement to achieve the rapid onset of action. Paracetamol is a widely used over-the-counter analgesic and antipyretic drug without any gastric irritation and ulcerative effects. Dissolution is the rate limiting step for the absorption of Paracetamol due to its low solubility. Bitter taste of active is another challenge to formulate a quality formulation in case of pediatrics. The current research work was set to formulate a rapid dispersible Tablets of Paracetamol with application of solid dispersion for solubility enhancement and polymer coating for better taste masking. Various formulation of paracetamol was manufactured by using different carrier in solid dispersion than taste masked by applying a thin layer of polymer coating. The formulation was than evaluated for various physical and analytical properties of rapid dispersible tablets. Results obtained showed that there was a significant impact of carriers used during formulation of Solid dispersion of paracetamol. There was rapid release observed with formulation containing Mannitol and Betacyclodextrin as carriers used in solid dispersion phase of paracetamol. The comparative evaluation of formulation A-5 and A-6 with other formulations also showed better and acceptable organoleptic properties.

Chinmay Anand, Gali Vidyasagar and Manisha Rajmane

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