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Are Lamarkisms and Darvinisms Suggestions About Evolutionary Process a Problem of the Present Day? Is the Evolution Blind or It is Due to Physical Fields as Information Field?


Grounds for theory: Primo Vascular System (PVS) is a new anatomical and primordial system with unexpected morphological special features, body distribution and functional mechanisms which could be involved to the evolutionary processes. We can speculate and suppose that the DNA as a whole and the DNA granules in PVS’s microcells in particular, carry not only genetic information but its structure is capable to store and transform the information obtained by environment physical fields. The physicists offer the possibility of converting the information to energy and present their findings as a spiral-staircase. As the bases of the DNA lie horizontally between two spiraling strands, the most important in biology molecule of DNA is a spiral model which is able to convert information into energy and vice versa, energy into information on spiral-staircase DNA structure. We suggest that PVS, as a primordial body system distributing through the entire organisms and is connection from surrounding energy fields and every cell of the body. PVS is capable to bring and store information transforming from environmental fields which permits dramatic and sudden “jump”-changing of the organism’s DNA, cells and organisms as a whole. The sudden changing of organisms may explain why there are not enough proofs for intermediate forms between the species and evolution could be logical process due to external signals and influences.

Possible effects of theory: Involving of PVS in the evolutionary process as connection between external energies (as electromagnetic field and even information field) with every small part of living organisms as their DNA molecules can explain why the evolution could be a logical process based on the influence of the different physical fields to every cell by transforming energy to information throughout DNA which permits complex “evolutionary jumping” of the organisms. It is possible vice versa process which is able to provoke changes based on influence of internal signals as products of metabolic processes, as well as bio-electrical, bio-luminous and acoustical signals. The acoustical signals could be products of the movement of the internal organs, the muscles, the tendons, the sphincters and valves, too. All internal physical fields bring information concerning indications about the level of the bioprocesses to the PVS web and the organisms react both to the external and internal normal and pathological changes.

Conclusion: Our speculations lead to conclusion that PVS could be not only primordial anatomical system but PVS lay at the bottom of the evolution of the living organisms.

Miroslav Stefanov

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