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ARM - Based Automatic Potentiometric Titration System


Accurate measurement and analysis are very important tasks for many applications ranging from industrial operations, analytical laboratories to biological processes. In modern analytical chemistry, automatic titrators have more prominence than manual interpretations. Various instruments have been developed and proposed in the past to carry out potentiometric titrations. Also there are suppliers available on the international market for automated titration systems. But they are costly with additional features. The present work describes the design and development of a cost-effective, reliable and simple automated potentiometric titration system. Addition of titrant to the analyte is carried out using stepper motor driven peristaltic pump which is designed and developed in the laboratory, incorporating ARM microcontroller, i.e. the whole system is built around an advanced 32 bit, low-power RISC processor architecture ARM7TDMI (LPC2148). The hardware and software are developed in the laboratory using off the shelf components. The software is developed in embedded C using Keil μVision4 software. The aim of the design is to carry out the automatic potentiometric titration for the end point determination of acid base titrations. The developed system is inexpensive, simple and works reliably.

Aruna Kommu and Raghavendra Rao Kanchi

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