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Bio Responsive In Situ Gel of Clindamycin for Vaginal Application


The aim of present research is to investigate the effect of various bioresponsive polymers on drug release from Clindamycin gel formulating system developed for vaginal application. Bacterial infections are the major cause of cervical cancers. To achieve a better therapeutic efficacy and patient compliance in the treatment for vaginal diseases and infections. The problems like multiple days of dosing, dripping, leakage and messiness, causing discomfort to users were major attraction for research. Thus bioresponsive system has been formulated in a gel using the thermo sensitive, pH responsive and ion activated polymer together with alternative mucoadhesive polymers to enhance the effect for longer duration which in result decrease the dosing frequency. The present study will show the various effect of polymeric concentration on formulation and its release behavior. The developed formulation was characterized for various in-vitro parameters e.g. pH, viscosity, drug release profile, bioadhesive force, spreadability and stability studies. To simulate vaginal conditions, simulated vaginal fluid was used as diffusion media to observe release. The developed formulation is alternative to conventional vaginal dosage forms.

P Yenkar, Rahul Mayee, R Nawale, R Chavan, T Salunke and V Bhoyar

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