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Biostatistics for the detection of anomalous discoveries


 Biostatistics and data science are vast fields that cover a wide range of topics. A focus on quantitative ways for handling complex problems is common across them. The overlap is further strengthened when the substantive topic is health and health care. Statistics, data management and analysis, and health and medicine are just a few of the skills that researchers in these fields possess. However, there are crucial and sometimes mutually exclusive characteristics of these domains that call for more integration. Data scientists undergo equivalently intense training in high-dimensional data computing and visualization methodologies. Epidemiologists and biostatisticians may have less computer science and informatics competence than data scientists, but data scientists may benefit from a working knowledge of research design and causal inference. Collaboration and cross-training allow people from other professions to exchange and learn about each other's constructions, frameworks, theories, and methods, with the purpose of providing new and innovative approaches to tackling difficult challenges in health and health care.

Steve Anthony

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