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Brief Overview of Nigeria Telecommunication Network


This paper presents an overview of the Nigerian Telecommunication Network. The purpose of the review is to explore the telecom business in Nigeria looking at its genesis, historical evolution, and the occurrences in the colonial, post-colonial period and following deregulation of the sector. Additionally, it will investigate the privatization of NITEL, the masts networks in Nigeria, base stations and potential effects of proximity. From the review, Liberalization process began around the year 2000 with the adoption of the National Policy on Telecommunications and has resulted in an increase in the number of people with direct access to telecom services in Nigeria, as well as an increase in the number of towers, masts and base stations with potential health hazards and compliance with regulatory bodies. Additionally, the report demonstrates what networks are now available in the Nigerian Telecommunications Industry, highlighting options for the country's telecommunications industry's development.

Agbaje MO, Bukola O, Ahmed J, Mathias M

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